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When was the last time you saw a bad father to drink at a "World's Best Dad" cup?

You know, the unemployed drunk sleeping 18 hours a day and never bathed often forgets the names of 11 children from it. His biggest challenge is a microwave fire chicken pie in tow. However, lights when they drink from this cup. Late fluid in their survey of the cup: coffee stale or curly?

Curly .. However, i perfer mine in the bottle in a paper bag thanks:)

Do Mom and Dad floor with very touching gift to their wedding anniversary? Dear old have dedicated their lives to care for you and your birthday Marriage is a great opportunity to take a shower with some superlative gifts that warm the heart. Tip: Each year the anniversary comes with a list of traditional and contemporary gifts, and flower habit and gemstones. So this should give you a free hand to do much its way through the perfect gift.

Here are the main gifts that are guaranteed to make Mom and Dad go all teary-eyed.

1. And mom and dad came to dine in style
When was the last time Mom and Dad went to dinner - alone? You do Remember? Well, your big night is when you make sure to eat at the best restaurant in town. That all preparatory work in advance - Hotel with a cozy corner table for two. Get a limo to take you in style and the restaurant. Arrange with the teacher in advance to have candles and a card attached to your private table and a birthday cake to surprise during the meal. Request that the check be sent to you so that nasty surprises waiting for the old!

2. A collage of pictures of sweet memories of parenting
Birthday sometimes sentimental - emotional crossing the long journey of life. Rule recalls conversations. Why not develop a good bonding memories of all the holidays they took as a family? This can be a spectacular gift especially if you live far away and are confined to meetings once or twice a year. A beautiful mounted on a frame adds the finishing touch.

3. Send your parents on a romantic rendezvous
You can be heard the story of how and where Dad has proposed several times and now mom has given you some ideas. On their wedding anniversary to try and book in a quiet and elegant for a romantic night near this place if possible. If the magic moment occurred in another city, the book in a romantic hotel there, with all expenses paid weekend.

4. And designer of luxury goods
Mom and Dad have probably saved and saved a lot for it finances. Luxury deny became part of your life. Now it's your turn to feel really pampered. Waste some high-end perfumes, aftershave, deodorant and bath and body products other play mom and dad. They deserve a chance, right?

5. A poem that Dad and Mom
Very often-buried in the rush of life, we forget to verbalize our feelings and sentiments the people most of us. Mom and dad are too often taken for granted. "They know I'm out of my feet is understanding." That phone call, the visit is prompted next weekend which is always out of reach. Whatever. Now, let an expert say that everything is bottled inside you. Get a personalized poem written exclusively for mom and dad. Either highlight their many types of attributes and qualities that have enriched so special. A memorable photo of the two of them stuck on the side of the personalized poem.

6. Memories Custom
personalized gifts that resembles nothing else to do, "You are so special!" Do not operate things the heap for the elderly. Instead, you are presented with personalized gifts are always welcome etched plates anniversary Wedding photography Mom and Dad in the same way, a beautifully designed custom photo album to store photos, anniversary rings or custom cups personalized with their names.

7 -. Please traditional but creative with wine and flowers
purchase Gifts can be very stressful if you are short of money, but he still wants a package of impact. There is nothing wrong with the flowers and routine card. However, with a little effort and imagination, you can these years unique and memorable, even later. Surprise Mom with a huge bouquet of flowers to their favorite (or under a special birthday) with a pendant or bracelet length cleverly hidden inside. Give dad a bottle of limited edition with his name and message printed on the bottle itself. Give store-bought a fault of this year and make a map by hand yourself.

8. For posterity ...
Needed a little planning and forethought and assistance from family members. Put your hands on a photo of your wedding cake and have their original replica made for a birthday party plans to launch surprise for mom and dad. Note that each family member has to say about them and creating a video. Put your favorite songs playing in the background. DVD pack with lots of memories - photos from his childhood, his years of betrothal, marriage, a multitude of happy moments and make them relive their glory days ...

It is always interesting to go the extra mile for mom and dad. They will not be around forever, you know ...

Daya has written more advice regarding what to buy on wedding anniversaries at best wedding anniversary gifts. She regularly contributes to that particular blog, researching all the wedding anniversary years. At the same time, she also writes for a new website which aims to answer all your "what's the best present for...?" dilemmas. See What's the best presents for...? for more information about this project.


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