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Where does humanity flowers on earth?

Today human values ​​are disappearing man away.To custody is a great question.can I'm crazy for trying this?

Why after this twice? I posted my response to those who in another post on this topic. I hope you can find the answers you need to help along the way make a difference at least one person close to you, as if it does then that person can begin to extend a wave of positive energy and encouraging because of a small seed planted and cultivated with his goodness. Maybe a small handful of you or your friends can come together to make a difference in someone's life. Even if it helps them pick up trash in their yards or homes, or just sit and listen to someone who lives alone. You do not have much to contribute light to the world. I just want lifeif have to bring one person from each block or even in a small community to reach another person and so do something, then tell that person, if you pay just do to help someone else, you see, even calling a single person on the phone or send a card to someone Tha tis patients. We can all make a difference for humanity if we are willing to start small, and that our growth undulations


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