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ideas for a brain drain helment?

we are makeing a movie for school its called The Adventures Of Hobbs its a secret agent movie anyway Hobbs gets captured by Shira, a villainess bent on world destruction so she has him bound in a chair and puts a brain drain helment on him. we have the restrain chair made but we need a brain drain helment any ideas? plz leave me exact instructions and materials also we need it to look real and awsome!!

Spray paint a colinder (like to drain pasta) with a black or silver paint then get some wire (bent coat hangers, pipe cleaners etc) and run them between the holes in the colinder to look like electrical components. if you wanted to get really into it you could get some of the blinking multi colored xmas lights and take out all but like 10 bulbs on one end and tape them to the inside some blinking light comes out diffrent holes. best of luck.

Moving? 101 Tips for getting better

The movement is one of the most stressful events of life. To help you have movement without stress, we have reviewed dozens of moving books, articles and websites to create a list of top 101 points in Motion. Use this article in order save time, energy and money on your next move.

The tips are organized into categories to make them easier to use:


  1. Start early, "Almost everyone has more things that they believe they do, and almost nobody leaves enough time for packing.
  2. This will help you manage this you have to move.
  3. One study reported that it takes 4-5 hours to pack a room average, it should give you an idea of what means.
  4. Calendar A schedule and plan a day in each room will be completed.
  5. Delegation "If you are traveling with family members, according to them, just like the tasks and the date of finish.
  6. Review your plan if you're behind.

Great discovery engines

  1. References-get referrals from real estate agents and friends who have moved recently.
  2. Licenses consider that engines that are allowed, bonded and insured.
  3. Research and investigate the potential of U.S. Department of engines Transportation, MovingScam-dot-com and the Better Business Bureau.
  4. -Evaluate at least 3 estimates based engines estimates in moving household goods.
  5. The price is not the factor prices extremely low, indicating that Carrier offers desperate.
  6. Budget Request written "binding not to exceed estimates.
  7. Avoid the "engine criminals" - if you feel uncomfortable, follow your instincts! Never agree to move their goods someone other than confidence.

General Packaging

  1. Keep bags separately from other items to be moved, for example in the car, at their new place of work, etc. So you all you need for days without having to rummage through boxes.
  2. Then mark the sides of boxes for you to know that are.
  3. One at a time, whenever possible, work on the packaging of a single piece (rather than several at a time) to keep things focused and organized.
  4. Save time and money.
  5. You find you get much more done.
  6. You always know where to look and buy time to put things.
  7. It will save space in their enclosures.
  8. Then, the tape perpendicular to the center of the first strip, forming a cross.
  9. Stack-stacking boxes with heavier at the bottom, lighter on top to avoid the crash.
  10. heavier boxes cause injury, are much more likely to burst its seams and tape or tend to fall.
  11. Keep a wide-scales in the packing room you so that you can keep the boxes in the weight limits.

Electronic Packaging

It may and connect the elements in their new surroundings much easier.

  1. (I realize that most of us do not have the packaging home for almost nothing, but I thought anyway).
  2. This picture has two seems like a pain, but it seems to do a better job of isolating elements of enormous impact.
  3. Never pull the son unpacked the boxes, which entangled and caught in the article.
  4. Cable so you know exactly what you see and where each end is connected to put things together.
  5. The rule of two inches from the use of at least 2 "of biodegradable packing peanuts around all sides of fragile objects.

boxes and label inventory

  1. "Fat" is being used thicker, darker marker you can find for marking. Pens, pencils, markers or tin of light are almost impossible to see, even a few meters.
  2. Thus, if an array is returned, you can always identify their content.
  3. Abbreviate the names of "camera Start the labels with the abbreviated name of the environment, followed by a box number as "BTH2-6" by "second bathroom, box 6. "Then keep track of each box to make sure it arrived safely.
  4. Tagged "Open me first" in boxes where applicable.
  5. Mark "Fragile", if applicable.
  6. Identify Identify the main content and content from which they came, like medicine cabinet "or" study sheets, towels and washcloths.
  7. Inventory Box - Keep a clipboard and write up in each cell, the number box and its contents (graph paper is ideal for keeping things properly subscribers).
  8. Then you know everything arrived safely.
  9. Ask outboard motors Labels stacking boxes in their new place with the labels so you can easily detect a table special.

People do not know

  1. Post-File your change address with the post office at least 30 days before the date of travel.
  2. References-Ask everyone to inform you a reference in your new area.
  3. Records - Get copies of existing documents (transcripts, records medical doctors, etc.) while you are notified of change of address.

Change of address who to notify

  1. Accounting Tax preparer /, alumni associations, lawyers
  2. Guard child / caregiver of the child, the banks (auto loans, current accounts, credit cards, home equity, IRA, mortgage, safe, savings accounts), broker, business cards (for new if applicable)
  3. cell phone provider, child care or day care, chiropractic, the courts, including fines for traffic or local disputes, the credit bureaus, the Credit card issuers
  4. Dentist, the Department of Motor Vehicles, diaper service, doctor, Dry Cleaning Pickup and Delivery
  5. family
  6. Health clubs, clean the house, place of worship
  7. Insurance claimants (auto, health, life, others vehicles), IRS (Form 8822)
  8. Lawn, luggage tags (replace)
  9. Magazine subscriptions
  10. new card, but the new employer, subscriptions to newspapers
  11. former employer; orthodontist
  12. Parents and Teachers Association; passport; pet sitter / dog walker / day care for pets; Pharmacy (BONUS: Get Summary year to date expenditures for taxes) physiotherapist, medical (bonus: get reference to new location), the postal service, professional organizations
  13. the pension holders, labels, return address (newer)
  14. Schools (BONUS: Copies of transcripts), snow removal service, the Social Security Administration, pool maintenance (cleaning of the pool members, opening or closing the pool) Pool
  15. BONUS Veterinary obtain documents and recommendations of veterinarians
  16. delivery of water service

Moving with children

  1. Consider the "Day of Los Osos Berenstain" Moving ".
  2. The where appropriate, allow children to pick up your room.
  3. If possible, children choose a decoration for the room again.
  4. Pack size bag of a child and each child choose a toy to keep with them and a special dress to wear at home "new day".
  5. If your child has a special dish or cup, to include it in the kitchen, I opened the first family photo, as points that await them in their new place.
  6. Consider first children unpack rooms, or at least its "Open Me First" boxes for help settle in.

Open the first photo of me: the kitchen

  1. The role of aluminum foil or plastic
  2. tear or cover glasses and plates
  3. Coffee and coffee (do not forget the filter)
  4. dishwashing
  5. Frying pan and spatula
  6. feed and the intestines
  7. Scissors
  8. Kettle

Open the first photo of me: Main Bathroom

  1. Bathmat
  2. Towels
  3. First aid kit (aspirin, bandages, hydrogen peroxide)
  4. Hairdryer
  5. Shampoo
  6. The shower curtain
  7. Soap
  8. toothbrushes and toothpaste

Open Me First funds: shack tools or a drawer

  1. Band
  2. Flash
  3. flathead
  4. Hammer
  5. Level
  6. Phillips
  7. Picture hooks
  8. Tape measure
  9. Knife

Day Removal

  1. Again, start early - Do you have everything as organized as possible before the arrival engine.
  2. Their attention will be needed for the nuts and bolts of travel.
  3. Have food if you have engine professionals or friends and family, coffee and orange juice, bagels or donuts available and easiest for everyone to begin.
  4. Phone Numbers-Make sure your mobile phone number of the truck driver came into his cell phone, and the driver has its own in case you are separated or have a problem.
  5. Be sure to have your payment.
  6. -Directions It has guidelines and a plan ready for everyone can drive between your old place and its new location.


1. Waste and Recycling Boxes Keep at least one garbage bag (for the trash real) and a large empty box (to keep the waste of paper and biodegradable packaging "Peanuts") available in each room before you start unpacking heavy.

2. Period: to set a target to unpack a number of boxes per day until all the boxes are unpacked.

Good luck in your next move!

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T. Scott Clendaniel is a consultant, speaker and writer. He is the veteran of over 16 lifetime moves, including two across the Pacific. He is also the founder of the website You can get your free moving checklist, moving tips and advice at our parent site, And please vist our free moving blog at


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