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How I can know what kind of bird builds its nest in our birdhouse?

There were two this morning. We were sitting in the top (most or less control) had some blue in the head and a white protruding belly. Another has been in and out of the house and was in color dark, unmarked really special. The aviary is supposed to be for the birds, but last year something else has taken the house too. We live in New York, I think you reason is like a tree swallow

Perhaps the swallows.

How to Build a Bird House in 5 Easy Steps

Birds should be one of the best ways to enjoy your garden. Building a birdhouse is a great way to seduce or lure in. Not all birds prefer to nest in any case in boxes. They differ mainly in their thoughts
predilections. Like us, the so-called "pocket" inhabitants "are also provisions regarding the type of type of housing land they want. There are issues of lesser importance, or only measures for birds, but they are very essential in life.

Keep these guidelines in mind when the building a birdhouse.

1. The determination of the species or family of birds who fly regularly on their property. In addition, also distinguished the inhabitants of the burrow and the inhabitants of the cavity. Some of the typical inhabitants of the cavity are chickadees, wrens, flickers and tiles. Choose one of ordinary visitors and the house beautiful bird that you can do for birds. Do not think building birdhouses in your garden! or the court. The birds are very territorial, I do not see the fight against birds fly them because of overcrowding. Much better to see them enjoy their time in space.

2. Reaching a decision of all size requirements of their chosen bird. Dimensions provided are as follows: entrance
base size, depth and height. Small birds like chickadees and wrens should be 8 inches deep and 4 x 4 dimensions of the floor. Another source of identifying the conditions necessary for the size can be found by searching the Internet.

3. Now for building materials, we suggest you use untreated wood or wood for his house in birds. Besides the simulation of natural resources
native land birds, forests reduce the risk of overheating and the absorption of toxic substances. treated wood, for example, contain plywood formaldehyde, a chemical very harmful to living things. These can lead to potentially deadly invited his birds. These woods are classified as "pressure treated" as toxic chemicals can also poison the old and nesting birds. Use of the paint definitely a no-no. Scales paintings can be confused with food and can be consumed by their birds. The only exception to the normal paint is to use This is called milk paint, despite resistance Milk paint is not recommended for exterior surfaces. In addition, materials plastics and metals is also forbidden to build birdhouses, both of which are prone to heat.

4. Planning and development a plan for friends of the birds is also important to note that the safety of birds is one of your main concern, then make sure they are protected against predators. It is also preferable to use pitched roofs so that dirt, humidity and rain has not met at the top which can eventually cause wood rot. We recommend that the edges of the roof sides and the front edge. Jobs earth are good, but not really necessary, especially for inhabitants of the cavity. Also check the air flow and drainage requirements. You can create small holes in the base to help rainwater drain. young chicks can easily become lost and a small amount of water collected can cause death. enough holes should also be placed on the walls to allow air to enter the house and keep the place comfortably cool. Installation of the shelter on top of a pole to ensure the safety of poultry unwelcome guests such as raccoons and cats.

5. The maintenance of the aviary is also crucial. A dirty mess and can cause many diseases nest your birds. Add a rear entrance will certainly in the preservation of cleaning the aviary. Without much difficulty, you can delete all the land used excrement and nests in the aviary. Therefore, the spread of the disease is also preventable. With all these tips, you're a road go to build your birdhouse. Help your friends of birds by treating their houses as if it were their own. Consider the safety of your
animals with feathers in their shelter years older than I assure them.

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