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How I can prevent birds from my dog's food and water outside?

I tried to put a plastic owl near food water and large plates, and a rubber snake. The birds continue to eat and disperse food and drink and bathe in the water. The food and water dish is kept on a balcony of my 4x4 rear door and the area of the birds leaving quite a mess everywhere. Move the dishes are not an option and not want to get a bird feeder or bath accommodate these pests. I also tried dependence bright bands of fabric for positions in the dishes. This does not work

Try taped or glued paper strips aluminum on the edges of the plates. Or, hang circular aluminum pans, two by two, in the immediate area to collide (but not frighten your dog!).

Bird flu hits close to home. What then?

When the first outbreak of H5N1 was found in the resort island of Rügen in Germany, the country entered in the action. Here is an overview of how Germany reacted.

January 2006 Channels: Bird increasingly being found in eastern Germany. Parks Commission estimates that were normal for a relatively long and difficult winter.

February 14: A tourist reported the discovery of four dead swans on Rügen Island east coast. A quick test indicated that this could be H5N1 avian influenza (bird flu). Later that was confirmed.

February 15: More dead birds were found. All domestic poultry are needed immediately to be in stalls. Government officials convened an emergency meeting.

February 16: It's official! H5N1 is the cause of death of more birds on the island of Ruegen.

February 17: birds across the country are to be in stalls or under protection. All chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys should be in the stands. Politicians discuss ways to improve or enhance its action plan.

February 18: The island of Rügen is placed under the alarm. This means that security area 3 kilometers (2 miles) around the site and dead birds, 10 km (6 miles) from the observation zone is established. All cars, trucks and buses are disinfected and sale of birds stops. All birds in the area of 3 km of security have been disinfected. The premises are requested immediately report to police, fire or any dead animal veterinary clinics. They say they do not touch any bird, only to inform.

February 19: The dead birds are now on the German mainland.

February 20: All on the east coast of Germany is set alarm on and all counties in Germany were being prepared.

For now, firefighters, soldiers, experts and volunteers are still on the island of Ruegen. Some have masks, some are in full protective suits to disinfect while others are simply there to see and report on birds and answer questions from the local population. 1,280 protective masks were used, 1550 disposable protective suits and 150 more glasses disposable clothing 1200, 1150 pairs of rubber boots, 1,700 pairs of gloves and 1000 liters of disinfectant. About 11,780 masks large area, 11,560 disposable coveralls, goggles, 10072, 9140 pairs of boots and 5,000 liters of disinfectant, placed in reserve in order not to speak of an epidemic 39 special beds. There were already 370 people there to help you.

The moral of this story? First, do not panic. When influenza H5N1 avian outbreak, much can be done. Tests are better and faster for dead animals and countries increasingly affected, as well as the process reaction and test again checked. Note first was a tourist who reported the dead swans. Your responsibility is to monitor and observe something strange - like four or five dead birds together. Also include the reaction of people in Germany. There was no panic - remember that This is a battle going on - and there was not much help. Although the Minister of Agriculture Dr. Till Backhaus had expected, even for a faster response time, there is no doubt that it was well managed. There was also an excellent example for other countries Avian flu hits close to home.

About the Author

Paul Madrid is a minister, author of several Avian Bird Flu publications and web host at "H5N1, avian (bird) influenza and you."


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