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blank greeting cards gothic cover preference?

Andi My friends have a penchant for gothic romantic things .. and I want a site that is blank greeting cards black and all the fairies in the front you can help please:)

Here are a bunch of templates greeting cards that work MS Word (all versions). Choose one you like, you can customize and personalize -

Parts of a letter of congratulations

Greeting card printing is very easy to do. You get a piece of paper, folded two, post a picture or a graphic on the front, and write a message inside. Itâ € ™ s as simple as creating maps print personalized greeting for all occasions.

While there may be variations in the simple process of printing greeting cards, the most fundamental of print media greeting cards would be the same â € "up front, the message inside, and back.

The Double â € "

Whether itâ € ™ s on the side or on top, a postcard is never complete without its lid. Itâ € ™ is the element becomes more evident than on a map.

Front -

This part is the coverage map. Usually, you have the image or text only, or even both. The front is what usually attracts attention and makes it different other. Itâ € ™ s, where the tone printing greeting cards, and fun, romantic, serious, clear and fun, even most of time.

In the message â € "

It is essentially Buy print greeting cards for the message you receive from him. It reflects the idea that you want to convey to its recipient. Others may have the right messages to respond to what you feel. Other are white on the inside that you can write your own heart to send his message lovedone.

The inside of the card as may be a continuation of what you've started on the front. You can repeat or even add images that already have. Normally, your message Interior appears on the right side of your card when you open the lid, while the left is empty. But over time, the message can be found in the bottom half when you open the card.

Today, there are additions to the standard greeting cards that make them more attractive. There are those who have gone through several panels that look like a triptych, there are also brochures seem more text and image space.

Return â € "

Dos can not be something that the typical buyer would be interested itâ € ™ s where the name of the company making the greeting card, your logo, copyright notice and contact information. If itâ € ™ s print personalized greeting cards, then you can add your own name and contact information, or even their personal mark to make it more exclusive. Or if you donâ € ™ t have anything to add to it just leave it blank.

A greeting card typically consists of four basic elements â € "sometimes in front, in the front and back. For create your own greeting card, knowing that these basic elements, it can be easy for you to design, not only for occasions stages, but throughout the year.

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