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U.S. key blank

Speaking in the village of Tong Mao city, can not think of people in the production of key blanks, it like talking about Yiwu, immediately think "China Commodity City" as a natural element. This people is the fundamental objective of range, low cost and known to attract provincial cities, entrepreneurs and South Asia to come to recruitment. On one occasion, struck one million in 7000 sales, sales accounting for 70% of total sales volume for more than a miracle.

Tong Mao glorious people history, we must mention one person. It is the key to an empty village first plant of its founders, the current Yiwu Jiangnan Industrial Metal Co., Ltd. President and CEO of speech, Bergen. Bergen at the factory of the company, interviewed the journalist who had the honor of playing Vacuum key relationships with more than 20 years and still adhere to employers.

Then start talking about the beginning of the year difficulties, the House Liuxun Bergen seemed almost a little rough. Listens to say that you can really feel that he and his business experience is a member of Mao Tong House history and the epitome of hard working people.

Tong Mao village of 170 households, more than 450 people, depending on the field cropland per capita of just over half an acre of the twentieth century, before the eighties villages is notoriously poor, farmers income per capita of less than 100 yuan. Bergen House young man to earn a living, had erupted during the m flowers, filled with wine, too much clothing chain, coffee but ultimately could not escape the fate of poverty. A very fortuitous opportunity has changed his life and changed all the people of Mao Tong.

In 1979, when there is a system of joint fires Huangshan two virgins key processors, due to errors in the selection of raw materials, resulting a serious production of unmarketable products. The company emerged to promote their products in a Xiaoyuan Gong, met Mao Tong, a village of beekeepers talks on the issue. The beekeepers bring the situation said the store where it was Tong Wu F, Mao commune, Assistant Secretary of the brigade of the Party branch manager, board of Bergen, about his intention to sell the companies no production equipment. He did not intend especially for the listener. Bergen House has repeatedly weighed in mind, talk about, Lou Bergen burn me in the chest key factory white spark.

This spark was so bright, the floor, Bergen enough courage and bravery. Thus, the villagers immediately selected 12 employees and 12 employees and this fundraiser. At that time, living in poverty, 12 people Dongnuexijie hard to improvise 4200 yuan, Huangshan is 200 kg semi-finished products of this factory key blanks, and 4 age groups have been purchased around the mill. Mao Tong Ka city first thing to do white keys of the plant.

Everything is difficult at first, that the primary plant, Bergen right to do business in a chair decorated by hand is a great girl for the first time. However, the word, Bergen, and was not intimidated by the current difficulties. Because only a mill, not any punch, Lou Bergen a tough day at the empty factory with a single wheel sent 1.5 Wudi factory miles away common microprocessor to the punch. raw materials plant in more than 200 miles to the acquisition of the plant Ningbo aluminum alloy. As each purchase is 1 ton of aluminum alloy sheets around specialized trucks hired for the cost transport are too high and costly, Lou Bergen took on his own tractor and, after nearly 500 miles, was to buy alloy plate aluminum.

According recalled Bergen House, colleagues at the forefront of the plant each time three or four o'clock in the morning From midnight to arrive at Ningbo, in the morning to buy materials, then ran to Mao Tong House. At that time, the bumps and holes in the road, a sunny day, rainy day and rainy, a clay, especially the car to run, the dust flies in like a fog, blocking the attention pedestrians. Fortunately, not many cars on the road at that time, when the car otherwise, Lou had to close his eyes with a sense of Bergen by car. As the tractor with both hands firmly on the handle, both hands were numb so hard, painful hair. This is one of high and low, only the ground, Bergen knows.

Products went out, followed by sales of products to help solve the problem. Because at the same time in the era of planned economy to a village-owned businesses, it becomes more difficult to sell. As there was no Full-time Gongxiao Yuan, selling key blanks, floor manager of Bergen to another when Gong played a Xiaoyuan. Company founded in the early years, Lou Bergen on his shoulders and back loaded with bags of the key blank, Hangzhou, go to Ningbo, Jiaxing in the street with the keys of the shop for sale key blanks.

In recent years, dozens of large and medium cities in the country lanes of Street Lane, left their presence. Wherever he went, contact address soil Bergen record business contacts in the future. His book, contact book and packaging you've noticed a drop of more than 800 names and addresses of customers. At that time, few manufacturers to build key blanks, so that everyone is a contact address potential sale. Mao Tong, a village in the spaces on key product in the first floor by floor, to Bergen and others, advertising, marketing, quietly blend into society, had been accepted.

In the joint efforts of the villagers, it was only 4 series milling machines, 56 employees of companies have continued to execute people have developed, only achieved once the seller had eight to create greater economic efficiency. In 1984, as a partner with other ideas on the difference in the operation, Lou Bergen to leave their hand of friendship founded a factory integrated financing of 21,000 yuan Wu shop founded in the real part of their own business. Many people think it could be brought to its knees. However, businesses Bergen House push to be determined. All his efforts are devoted factory. Hard work pays off. production value of 780,000 yuan Year has won more than 10 million yuan of profits. After some years, Lou Bergen electrical equipment to double production to meet year after year and the largest turnover of more than 3000 million yuan and 200 million yuan of taxes.

Apartment, Bergen in the production of key blanks for the exit of the wealth, so that the villagers were very envious. Factory back some of its technicians, Xiaoyuan Gong has also produced some of the idea of operating the plant. Apartment, Bergen is a real person. Bring more villagers have taken the road to prosperity is your desire. Therefore, when these people resign ground when Bergen was not created for them over the threshold. Perhaps this liberal attitude towards the floor to form groups of factory owners Bergen small businesses and in school a few years, the production of key raw entrepreneurship to flourish. Increase business, so businesses and between enterprises in an increasingly competitive, no doubt a boon for consumers. Tong Mao to the reputation of individuals blanks also spread like wildfire powder. Thus, the city and surrounding villages to operate a key blanks processors increase, only the people of Tong Mao has reached more than 50 years, and the plant Bergen release a white for those who are over 30 months processing plants.

As Mao Tong village of processing a reputation draft keys, key blanks across the country, operators must pay to the acquisition of key blanks Tong Mao ground. Mao Tong, a village on the main Basic country production of key blanks, forming a two-thirds world, are the other models.

However, the entry of the century latest industry since the mid-90s, because of Wenzhou, Shaoxing, and Shandong and other places of blanks, the rise of Mao Tong village Raw key generation had a big impact. The face of increasingly fierce competition in the market, Bergen House, San man and a few other business owners widely agreed to establish an industry lock, a single contract for raw materials, production of uniforms, selling products, the introduction of production equipment and advanced techniques to improve the competitiveness of their products. For various reasons, this group has not really operational competence in the market to play its rightful role. Since then, the main targets of Mao Tong floor weakening the competitive advantage, and gradually lost its leading position in the same industry.

How What should I do Mao Tong to return to the main city of industry key blanks, the glory of the past to reach the second business to promote economic development? The Municipal Party Committee, the Government has decided Yi Industrial Park West 3 development plan for an area of 100 mu metal of the city to conduct a high starting point, the level of development. We believe that sooner or later, once the production base Key billet glory will surely go Yixian land.

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