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Does anyone know where I can get a block diagram for the quilt of a mallard? Carol -

I'm not looking for a children model duck, but I can make my son a duck down comforter. I saw a mallard, but do not know how or where to find the reason. Thanks in advance .. Carol

Hello visit She has a beautiful pattern of ducks and many others, for example, amphibians. You can also try and I'm sure I saw a duck in the pattern of keepsakequilters catalog. But Anja is definitely a mallard duck model, as opposed to a little yellow duck!

The search for simple models for quilt project?

Quilting is a skill anyone can learn. It is wise to start with models Quilt simple easy to understand and not take too long to complete a project. These projects quilt is little that can be used as gifts any more opportunity, because they are so beautiful.

If you're looking for some free templates that are easy to do, he can perform a simple search Google or other search engine. Just type in the search bar models like'free duvet and probably something that you find something you can use. There are dozens of places to get cheap or free patterns make it easy to start.

Here's an idea or two small projects can be converted into something beautiful and useful. Always use your imagination and you can come with their own ideas that you will be pleased with him.

1. A gift is a useful tool Gripper

A handle is a great gift to select a block quilt patterns easy to use than the top. I like using a 6 and a half inches to 7 and a half-inch pack for this project. You just quilt and bind the handle as a regular cover with one or two exceptions. Strive to use 100% cotton to cover your thread. If with the invisible thread that will melt when handling hot pans. You can also Batter use only.

two. Having a set of carpet

I made a series of four coasters and placemats for my parents 4 year past and loved them! Trends which allows you to facilitate this quilt - A chessboard. The point of this idea is that you get lots of practice quilts binding.

3. Young Love Bags

Make a purse and give people who need to break the use of plastic bags in the corner shop. A quilt can be used as decoration. If you do the cloth bag as a novelty as SpongeBob or Barbie, you can give to your favorites pre-teens as a collection bag.

Once you start putting these ideas into projects using simple models that will become a quilt padding professional in a short period of time short with much pleasure and enjoyment.

four. Coverage Headrest Tilt

I heard this idea on the error. I made my mother a mini version of the Nordic quilt bigger than I gave him a gift. She uses as a cover for their recliner headrest. It looks great. So much so that my father wanted one for next year. You must make a quilt about sixteen nineteen inches. If the recipient has two chairs, make sure you both.

five years. A pretty table topper

Is someone you know has these words of photos? Make a table decoration. This Fab. Make sure it matches the decor of the room. You can also make a way table covered with small boulders. Anyone would be proud to show a good runner!

href = ""> Compare information on Simple Quilt Patterns here

It is now 5 main concepts current home, you can use the quilt patterns simple reason why do not start your project quilt today?

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