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What is the likely hood that my baby will have green/blue eyes?

I have green eyes. In my mother side of the family, my grandmother has green and my great grandmother has blue eyes. I also have aunts/uncles/cousins with blue/green eyes. On my father's side my grandfather has grey/blue eyes. My fiance's side of teh family does not have colored eyes at all. No immediate family just uncles/aunts. Are the chances low for my unborn child to have blue/green eyes?

There is really no way of knowing. Brown is dominant but not always. My fiance's mom and dad both have blue eyes and he has hazel green eyes. The only other person in the family with that color eyes is his great grandmother. No one would have expected him to take after her so you just never know.

Are you Yellow Based or Blue Based? Five Simple Questions

Never purchase the wrong cosmetics again by answering just a few simple questions to determine whether you are yellow or blue based skintone.

This knowledge will insure that your cosmetic and clothing selections are enhancing your overall look as well as complimenting your skin tone.

1. Can you visibly see a blue or yellow undertone in your skin?

If your answer is Yellow! You are Yellow based. Do you have a rosey or pink look or an obvious blue? Then you are most likely Blue based . It is important that you know that most people are cool toned.

2. What is your hair color? Is it your natural color? Do you have highlights? If so, are they golden or platinum?

The very obvious warm tones such as golden red hair or golden blond or any brown hair with golden highlights will be yellow toned. Most obvious blue tones would be Platinum blond hair or highlights, gray and brunettes with clarity in color.

3. What is your eye color? Blue? Green? Brown? Hazel? Gray? Black?

This is slightly more difficult to arrive at a definitive answer on color alone although certainly assists in arriving at the end result provided the previous questions are answered. Most pure Olive skin Asians and Latinos are cool toned .

4. Do you feel you look best in Gold or Silver jewelry?

Gold equals yellow and of course, Silver equals Blue.

5. Do you look best in Jewel toned clothing such as purple, royal blue, intense pinks, bluer toned reds? Pure white? Or do you look best in Oranges, browns, earth tones, yellow greens, orange red and Ivory?

If you chose the jewel tones and pure white then you are most likely blue based. Do you feel your best when you are wearing earth tones, olive green with touch of orange? It is a safe bet that you are warm toned.

There is an exception to most rules and this is in no way an exact science. The interesting aspect is that some women are quite fortunate to be neutral toned. These lucky women have the ability to mix it up with both warm and cools tones and in the end being equally complimented by both.

Hopefully, this has removed the mystery from determining whether you are blue or yellow based. If not, the good new is that many companies including SeneGence International are adding neutral products that will suffice for either side.

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Carol Clifton is a respected leader in the cosmetics industry. Currently, Carol runs many online beauty sites and is an independent distributor of Sense Cosmetics, the makers of LipSense. Carol is authority when it comes to talking about cosmetics and beauty.


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