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Sew a quilt by hand, I can use thread that matches the nylon fabric back or clear?

Obviously hand quilting is not as pretty, but I can decide whether the blue wire always look better than the clear nylon.

Use a complementary color, or whether to display their collections, has used a contrast yarn and has the design quilt on both sides of the quilt ..... I love a surprise in the back of my quilts.

Beginner Quilting - Beginners Guide to quilt

Quilting - this is something you can enjoy and use as well. Fun, but not to Us like all do to keep warm in extreme conditions, sit in a warm blanket and watch TV.

Add some really true colors blue for a quilt and fabric that makes you feel extra comfortable. With the heart felt truth - there is no better feeling that to use self created product.

The models now have dominated our lives beyond imagination and even if you have something you can tell it is handmade it would not express a realization of the case.

Quilters that we have this distinction, yes, almost scale would require a sewing machine. If the job of Quilt Making is kept alive, then the responsibility must be assumed by some of us, then, throughout the education very important for that.

Quilts may be the most simple or processing, the latter being more experienced quilt. Starters always have a question about what the easiest way to make and is the quilt - a quilt block construction.

But what they forget to ask: "How not to block quilt to start? "I 'm sorry if you are looking for an easy answer, it can not be all that big book on this subject and I can talk for a long time. But not long explanations, here is a principal guide for those seeking to start and finish a project without complications.

List of tolls and supply requirements:

* Customary sewing machine

* Spray starch

* Rotary cute

* Broder - overall size 12

* Iron

* Needles

* Material Cutting

* Quilt Batting

* Fabric in 4 colors or 4 colors.

* Head Pins accounts

Quilt Block Design *

* Manager of Rotary


Cover block is nothing but a quilt that is simply designed. In simple terms, a design in a selected block in the seam after another the same way until the desired size is reached.

A block can be called as the Unit for the quilt. Some measures that could make your quilt block to experience much easier.

1) Get the fabric ready: washing the fabric separately is a precondition. Esto es, if asegurarse de usted desea que no hay discoloration or loss of fabric dilemmas later. Dey Let dry and then ironing equipment, Once you have sprayed starch to it. Sure that the hardware is completely dry and hard, without wrinkles.

2) Cutting of fabric: Take the cloth and placed on a cloth in the form of a bunch of other. Then take a scale and measuring bar 2 inches x 2-inch pieces with a rotary cutter. Create as many pieces of the structure according to the size of the quilt that you like or do.

3) Formation of a block: Once the pieces point us all to make a square or a single power supply. Continue sewing to make multiples of identical blocks.

Armando 4): This process is seen to want to create the dimension of the coverage when all blocks are sewn.

5) to stick the rod material should be higher reconstruction. The summit is expected to reconstitute its approach to the carpet while the sewn along the stick. Take the coating material above.

6) Quilting: take the help of a sewing machine to sew the 3 layers of the other. For students of the first times its recommended that the sutures are place in and around a primary block, while those with prior knowledge may select extravagant grounds.

7) Cover: All parts fabric must be bound.

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