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At Die Cut Machines your source for Die Cutting Machines and Crafting Supplies we hope the Boo Tear Bear products and information here meets your needs.

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Ni Hao, Han Bao Bao (The Hello, Hamburger ~ Mandarin Chinese) * eat your delicious flesh-ness * OoO Mm'mm ... What fun! ~ Be a cannibal I've never tried a human being before. I wonder if we liked? Sharks, crocodiles, bears, tigers, ligers and was thinking ... Oe had beef, pork, chicken, duck, not lamb, fish n 'all - but not humans. But they are not cannibals "Accepted" or "good to be", and then ... Yah. Gawsh ... forgot to add the × × ♥ the end of the last survey. Darnnit. It is the survey last night - as I'm sure I'm bored to tears yoo all. But I hope not. It would be terrible. Oh happy terrible. ^ _ ^ ♥ _ Poll: Who won the prize of all: Good Charria - Bad Charria - Ugly Charria - Boo-Nees: What is your favorite type of meat? Lol, Anime Freak - Gokudera made you drool? Yes - it does ^ ^

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Combat Baby

Combat Baby

I made a contact through an intermediary by the name Mixacan normalized eggs. I heard of an illegal practice of playing around in the fight against the sky which was near my house. After sending a text message on my phone cell anywhere in between, I went to the agreed location (behind a convenience store Alto) and waited around listening to ours in the shade of a CD Meat Puppets exceptionally bad he had found in a dumpster a week before, in my car kick. At the end of the runway at about nine o'clock he knocked on the window next to my driver. I sat up straight and turned quickly to see what that would be very dirty hat MGD of man himself. I connected the stereo and rolled down the window, "eggs" he said. He nodded: "Yes." Hop, I said, doing trash the environment and various tools of power that often live on the passenger seat. "No foot," he said.

I was a little nervous about walking in the dark with a stranger strange dirty, even if it was just miles from my house, but had decided long before the rest of the story where he managed to pass. I off the truck, took the keys and jumped in the parking lot of the grease. "Show the way, sir," I said eggs, and he looked for a moment. It looked an affable man, but can burst into tears or laughter at any time. His eyes seemed to ooze, sniffing glue, but what the hell. He turned to walk in the dark alley behind high and I followed with ease.

We encourage our way through the small yards disordered, small patches of trees, a well lit parking lot of the hospital, a public park black, and finally lit in the front yard a small house with a brick unit. There were no cars parked at the entrance and the garage. The windows were dark. Eggs looked over his shoulder and then pushed me on the side of the white brick house in the dark backyard. With care, two three times on the door Steel Burgundy, eggs could enter a dark, smoky, larger than a strange mixture smell of cigarettes, whiskey, cologne, and crap. Eggs people nodded his head several (there were at least 25 men and women (more men than women) crammed into what proved be a large kitchen. He took his portfolio against a particularly well-endowed woman with bad teeth and a carefully concealed pistol in front of his pants, and sign for me to do the same thing. Each of us gave $ 50.00 beautiful woman and I followed my guide to the back wall to observe the process.

In the center of the room was what be called a court. It was green pea with mesh side and was decorated with bears and ducks. Another big bust woman wearing a pink dress offered me a glass of whiskey so I took a nervous smile, then walked cautiously through the crowd across the room. "Nice Ass" Eggs said. "That," he said. NICE ASS, "he shouted." Thank you " he smiled.

After a few seconds to try to find that the exchange I found two women on both sides of the room on their way to the center. Each had a restless baby and naked. The woman to my left a large, tall woman with black hair, took the place of the black child fat on the edge of the pen to play and rose to the ceiling (the baby, not the court). He was a child. Half the crowd cheered. The other woman a thin, hair lesbians, milky white boy came to his side of the pen raised game and your baby on the roof. It's a girl. Another half the crowd cheered.

Before he could take advantage (not knowing what I had to $ 50.00) both naked babies in the pen, cry, cry and pee everywhere. It seems that the black baby who presented with a better understanding of progress and well spread over the white girl, who was bent, hands up, and fell on her. As the two rolled around and under each others, clinging to branches and push for the faces of frenzied cheers of the crowd increased. Men and women held their fists full of money in the air and is encouraging infants. "Kicking ass, black son of a bitch!" Rip your dick, bitch! "

Was something to see.

After what seemed like several minutes of fighting baby, the young white girl stuck in the ear the black child with his right hand and tight. The crowd quieted for a moment, and suddenly burst into applause and boos as a drop of blood fell lobe the ear black.

The women quickly picked up their children, kiss and ran to the room where they had come. Money changes hands at each corner. Eggs smiled. The grandmother gave firearms chest of each of us $ 100.00. I sat against the wall and waited for the next round.

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