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A simple question of the universe Pro Monster Hunter Freedom!?

For professionals in the MHF, when I was in the series, has been that it is natural to a hard time with the Yian Kut-Ku? XD boss or monsters in general? I guess everyone has to start somewhere, RRT? Then go straight to the point, how can be good in this game? Have you had to die countless times in a single leader for the better? get used to it, he felt his ass again and again? etc. Thanks for the help ~!

All patterns are almost as until essentially exceeds their team. The game was not designed to be easy to secure, even with a good team beware. Later some of the chiefs and some attacks will be what you have done or left to die. How to be good at gambling? Well prepared helps first. It can be a bit tedious to cheat and food but makes a world of difference. Some patterns are easily predictable after a few fights so pay attention their words and how different behavior in a certain condition, again if you still really need to be careful. I think it's worth playing cautiously and patience in Monster Hunter, you can not really expect to dominate and run unless you have very good things.


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