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Help with a T-SHIRT design?!?

My organization is creating a shirt based on the Biblical story of SAMSON AND DELILAH.

It's basically a story about a man with long hair who has all this strength until a woman seduces and cuts his hair off. Because he lost his hair, his power is lost. In the end, he gets his strength back.

I need help for both the front and back. Any help PLEASSEe?!!?!!?!?!

Hair Today :on the front
Gone tomorrow: on the back
Hairy and bald dude

Delila's Boutique
A hair raising experience

A Nip here a Tuck there and 90 pound weakling is born

Young women who wear cosmetics do better with the exercise of the face

Many young women who are under 30 go ray cosmetic mass so they can experiment with colors for each season, the mood of the night and looks natural and not so natural for the day. The kaleidoscope is very attractive as a shopping center after the department store, pharmacy, after the pharmacy, shops and super-life cosmetic shops for the sale of all kinds and nature of improvements today.

Powered by the tide, intelligent advertising, magazines and signs colored, it is easy to understand how to attract the fascination of beauty has entered our lives.

There is certainly nothing wrong with wanting look as pretty as possible, after all, your face is your calling card, Power Suit and a very long time, is a well known fact that a pretty face is a powerful asset - an asset that can stimulate a woman in management and gone, when your brain and IQ beyond the stratosphere.

Sometimes the lines blur and also the attitude of Easy-Breezy with about aging is changing.

Suddenly, it seems, a trip to the cosmetics counter not enough. Whatever the foundation, blush, mascara or eye shadow is used, the visible signs of aging have emerged and nothing seems to work. Everything you want is to get his face once and stop falling fabulous eyes, jowls and sagging skin slightly.

Perhaps drastic interventions such as injections of Botox, Restylane, Perlane, Juviderm and collagen were examined. Even the thought of plastic surgery may seem attractive as anxiety and fear of the future of a young looking face once made, is very real.

Regrettably that these risky and invasive procedures are considered viable to address the visible signs of aging. Plumping and paralyzing, cutting and stitching not stop or correct lower facial muscles. mask injections and surgical interventions that temporarily aging.

When a couple decides to these terms first has forever changed the natural face of a young aspiring injections, full of toxins and chemicals are not natural for the body and nobody really knows understand the long-term consequences of the use of these drugs have been tested. The body is not easy to incorporate these substances Foreign and the system begins to work very hard to rid the body of these toxins.

Once a person becomes a slave to drinks and folds or injections that plump and paralyze facial features, it is unlikely that the face still young, but is common to face is just "cons Nature does. "

Young women, watch this Tip: If you want to keep a young face to stay out of the plastic surgeon's office, because once you through this door, your job is to give you a beautiful anti-aging menu to stay as a patient for a very long time.

Initially you can not accept the deep cleansing facial, but will not be long time until you have "graduated" more extensive procedures - as plumping and paralyzing - while laying out a lot of money on temporary fixes that can not produce the desired results.

What are the results? Do you want to see how it took ten to fifteen years ago? Well, you can when you use facial exercise, safe, no risk approach that strengthens the muscles of the face and rejuvenates the face.

Muscles of facial skin of the face support. If you see the release and fall is because the muscles do not grow well and will soon begin to accumulate in other muscles. This is when wrinkles begin to form.

You may or may not know that facial muscles can stretch up to half an inch when his face is 55. We see changes in our arms, waist, abdomen, hips and thighs, which started in our 30s. We learn to hide defects with clothing.

The best defense against aging of a face that shows signs of fatigue through the reduction of facial muscles is very pro-active, proven method of exercise facelift tone and tighten sagging facial features.

The exercise works the body and exercise can sculpt and contour of your face.

The exercise is conditioned Facail deep muscle that does not amount contortions, twists, the lines and wrinkles. If you insert or bend or twist his face in the hope of seeing the rise and toning, youwill be disappointed. This type of exercise may even increase and enhance existing lines and wrinkles ..

The type most benefits of exercise is isometric with Face resistance movements. This means that learning the position of the thumbs and fingers on the bar just muscle. The next step to learn the muscle contracts. Muscles respond repositioning.

These simple movements that require only a few minutes a day to complete are valuable because once you learn the techniques that are yours for life. Your face may look much younger in almost no time at all for the use of these techniques saving face.

For those of you who are seeking cosmetic counters, taking into account a risky procedure or even a nip cosmetic surgery, fresh, radiant and natural finest products from the use of facial exercises. You have the best Party on Aging with lasting results for all without doing harm.

About the Author

Cynthia Rowland is widely recognized as an expert in all natural facial fitness. She has appeared on The View, NBC 4, Fit TV, HGTV and other popular shows. This author, speaker and television personality is leading the crusade to keep men and women looking vibrantly younger through natural techniques without spending their children's inheritance.

Discover how to look younger with Cynthia’s free report Facial Exercise the Evidence Doesn’t Lie


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