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Wiesbaden, Germany?

Does anyone know of any shops that sell handicrafts in Wiesbaden things like the album that I find in the U.S.? and also, does anyone know where I can buy decorations shop Jolee ...? I have nowhere to get my stuff here and its driving me crazy! haha. also if there is a site who has bought this card and tags would be great ... thanks!

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The art of memory for students (and without) special needs

What child does not enjoy cutting paper, remove stickers, or later? Students of any age and ability level love every opportunity to work with arts and crafts. For this school year, try the Spirit guide your child's creative scrapbooking and paper crafts. Scrapbooking is a wonderful way to spend time with their children, sharing a favorite activity, and strengthen the skills acquired at school. Scrap Chic Boutique, ( an independent scrapbook store located in Decatur, Georgia, was founded by four special education teachers who know the program Georgia performance standards and adaptable to individual needs. Children and adults can attend individual classes or obtain assistance on projects.

Usually we think of scrapbooking as a means of preserving the memory and telling stories through photographs. However, with the variety materials and tools available on the market today scrapbooking, the possibilities are endless. Here is a list of ideas to his young student, with or without special needs, to be creative and develop their skills at the same time.

1. Overall Grade and ability level, students must learn the vocabulary related if they are images, spelling words, or learning definitions. flashcards can a breeze to do, especially with the drawing tools in a circle, labels, stars, and more yet. This manual approach is much more fun than the traditional (and rather dull) cards. Most scrapbooking stores, shops of all independently owned with a selection of channels that can be used in the store. Each set of words can be in a different color of cardstock or in a different form, and then use a D-Ring to clip together. TEACHER'S TIP: When you know the word independently, your student aspiring to add a button or tape the card to reinforce their sense of pride. Add Image Image Art or cut from magazines in the expressions more difficult to give their children a visual representation of what the word means and the context of their use.

2. Children need books for each subject, and children with learning disabilities tend to have poor organizational skills. Why not start the year, decorate the front of the notebooks with colorful patterned papers and stickers? Not a guarantee, but your child is less likely to lose something they have invested time to make and if they do lose, a decorated notebook is much easier to find in the pile of Lost and Found! TEACHING TIP: Use a card to make a pocket to paste on the back. single sheet of duties or work that must be signed, you can put in your pocket.

3. Children with mild to moderate delays cognitive often need repetition and picture clues to help them learn new concepts. Cardboard can be cut and pass through a printer offering add texture kinesthetic students. Students can follow the words on the page, then enter the word in various forms, stickers, stamps, pens or markers. Council of Teachers: Putting the image on a sheet of cardboard from the floor to create a matching game or a rapid sequence of activities. Let's seal of students, the back of the card each time you get it right.

4. Students with autism or disorders Pervasive developmental disorder may prefer the point rather than to verbalize their thoughts. Create an accordion book with pictures of options for activities. There is also a colorful way to display the daily schedule. The arrows can be used to point to the activity specific. TEACHER'S TIP: Ask the student to participate in the making of the screen. If you like the texture of the tail, let them have a hand hitting the page. Advanced students who prefer graphics can be printed on cardstock or use their own templates scrapbooking digital.

5. To cope with speech and articulation problems, try to make a mini photo album with cuts that go with the jurisdiction you work. As the child shares his album with family and friends is done automatically, and thus improve their learning objectives. A mini-album may be composed of 8 pages that are only 4 by 4 squares. Council of Teachers: It has many pictures and are separated into categories such as S sounds, blends R, antonyms, synonyms, etc. The student spends his time working on the target instead of searching for images.

6. For Children who have very little to provide a service to an illustrated book with an album dedicated page for each teacher and therapist. Each page must contain a photo, even better if it can be a picture of the student and teachers! Teacher Tip: Leave room for a block a day on each page so that each person can convey a positive message that your child is progressing. At the end of the year will be a progress report on measure.

7. Often students suffering from attention deficit disorder have difficulty with the drafting stage. Ask the teacher if the project can be changed. Instead of finishing a project on a card that can be too big of a space that could fill several pages in a 12 x 12 albums to show their knowledge of the subject. Board Teachers: Ask your book store on how to make a single stickers like this you can take any subject and make stickers clip Art or dies.

8. Although scrapbooking is primarily a visual art, there are many textures can be integrated for students with visually impaired. Students can use textured paper, felt flowers, buttons, stickers or raised to create interactive projects. Cardboard and other documents may be raised, too. Council of Teachers: For most kids learn to count, the average number of buttons and stickers to help with the count. The use of pop-points as an adhesive to be raised to create an effect on the pages.

9. Celebrating success throughout the year. Use a disc with at least 10 pages, one for each month of the year. Together, you and your child can decide which lesson important event, or achievements to highlight on the page. Take pictures of completed projects, test results good friendships Indeed, positive ratings of teachers, or school events. Council of Teachers: Leave a space for their children every day, but it will be interesting see how their writing changes from August to May!

The ideas presented can be modified to specific needs or learning outcomes. If you have specific questions, you can email, visit the calendar of events, Or call 404-378-2115. Learning is to use scrapbooking remember to engage your child in "The Art of Memory" - the results will last a lifetime.

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Kelly lives with her five-year-old daughter, in metro Atlanta. Ms. Standridge is the co-owner of Scrap Chic Boutique, located at 906 W College Ave in Decatur, GA 30030. She has been a special education teacher for 10 years and holds an EdS in Teacher Leadership. Visit


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