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How homemade is homemade?

I make "homemade" greeting cards that I send out for holidays and just regular correspondence. I use cardstock, stamps, papers, and scrapbook appliques. My friends and family have suggested I make a website and sell the cards or even approach a boutique about seeling a few. How homemade is homemade? I do not "make" any of the items I use to construct the cards like the paper, ink, and especially the stickers/scrapbook appliques I use. Often times, a large scrapbook piece - like a 3D christmas tree sticker - will be the main focus on the front of the card. Can I still sell these since the design and construction is my own? Or do the items I use to construct it have to be homemade as well? Thanks, Abby.

Look, if someone goes shopping and picks up some apples, flour, baking soda, sugar, cinnimon and a gelatin mix, then goes home and bakes a pie, it the pie NOT home made because they didn't grow and grind the flour, process the sugar, manufacture the baking powder or the pie tin or the gelatin?

Is a dress not home made because the dressmaker BOUGHT the fabric?

Have you ever seen restaurant signs advertising "home made" entrees and deserts? In who's home do you think they were made.

Relax. What you are creating are what is called an "assemblage." You are CREATTING a new thing out of other, made things. Your creations are just as original, or "home made" as any classic artist's masterpiece painting, even though that artist probably did NOT "make" his own paints or canvas.

Amazing Girls Wall Murals

Wall murals can turn the plain old wall space of your child's room into beautiful portals and windows looking out over whole new worlds.  And for little girls, wall mural options and ideas are only limited by the imagination.  From princess themes to undersea dreams - from fairies to mermaids to horse-drawn carriages and castles in the sky - your little girl will fall in love with the endless selection of wall murals available to help create her dream bedroom!

Girls wall murals come in all shapes, sizes and colors.  Vinyl wall decals for girls are sold in easy peel-and-stick applications, from the smallest single butterfly to the largest majestic unicorn.  These vinyl wall murals go on and come off with no glue or adhesive, and can be moved and repositioned at will.  Instant transformations can be made in the way of custom-printed Minute Mural wall hangings.  Created on quality professional-grade materials, these kits come complete, ready to install, and assemble in just minutes.  For the do-it-yourself touch, girls wall murals, stickers, and decals can be applied to bare or painted walls - perfect for the little princess that wants to create her own customized designs.  Great shops like the Wall Sticker Outlet carry all of these wall mural types and more, and always offer free shipping too!

Choosing a girls wall mural theme can often prove difficult, as they're available in every imaginable motif.  Princess themed options include castles, white horses, and knights in shining armor.  Disney princess stickers and wall borders are available along the same lines.  Girls wall murals come in popular themes like Hello Kitty, Barbie, Tinkerbell, and even Bratz decals and stickers.  Animal wall murals are also popular, from baby nursery level stuffed animal themes to fun safari and zoo animal appliques that bring the jungle right into your little girl's bedroom.   

Chic and stylish boutique-type wall murals are sold for older girls, including rock star and girl power stickers designed to make distinct fashion statements.  Life-sized beach themes can be created by using giant wall murals depicting scenes of sun and surf.  Tropical wall mural windows and surfboard themed accents can create the perfect surfer girl look.  For a more dramatic look, turn an entire wall into a breathtaking undersea wall scene complete with fish, whales, and mermaids.  Fantasy themes also include enchanted kingdoms, unicorn decals, and customizable girls wall murals that begin with 'Once Upon a Time' and end with your daughter's own name, custom phrase or saying.

Another recent development in wall decor is the application of chalkboard and dry erase surfaces.  These peel and stick decals can be placed right into any girls wall mural, letting your child write her own story!  Wallies flower fairies dry erase and chalkboard stickers make perfect additions to any girl's wall decor, and come off just as easily as they go on.

The finishing touches to any wall mural include all the extra trimmings that will make your daughter's room so special.  Individual wall appliques and decal sheets can be used to supplement any little girls wall murals.  Flowers, butterflies, and magical wands come in pinks, purples, and beautiful rainbow colors.   There are even wall mural decals that turn your daughter's whole ceiling into a cloud-filled sky, as well as celestial glow-in-the-dark appliques of stars, moons and planets that can be enjoyed even when the lights go off!

No matter how you complete your little girls wall mural, the best part is getting her involved.  Together the two of you can create a functional work of wall art she'll enjoy and remember for years to come, all the while having fun in the process.

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Be sure to visit the Wall Sticker Outlet for great girls wall murals and stickers by Wallies, Wallcandy, Roommates, and others! And for more little girl's decor, check out the baby boutique at The Frog and the Princess!


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