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Black Tie

Black tie is a dress code for official evening, semi. For a man, a tie tuxedo black (tuxedo in Canada and U.S.). Currently, black tie is used for many types of social functions, a woman's dress for evening dress ranges cautious fashion cocktail dress evening long determined by local customs, and the time of the occasion.

The black jacket and tie is a typical example breast, without ventilation, and black or dark blue, usually wool or mohair, wool, a mixture. Double breast models are less frequent but acceptable. Tabs can be lined with silk or grosgrain or satin fabric. Traditionally, there are two lapel options, the shawl collar, from the tuxedo jacket lapel of his coat and advanced. The first is the oldest, while the latter is considered the most formal. [1] The two styles can be or a cross. A flip-style Third, a notched lapel, has recently gained popularity and has been accepted by some as "an alternative less formal legitimate ... "[2] Although, in spite of precedents, is despised by the purists of his costume bypass. In France and elsewhere, is Tuxedos and called shawl collar version is smoking Deauville, while the overlap peaked smoking version Capri.

The traditional garb of a breast at the close of a button. Two different buttons are sometimes considered, but with more buttons fancy jackets are fashionable. (See also: smoking)

breast ">" in the chest> sizeBlack was known for having a green color in early artificial lights, therefore, midnight blue was introduced by the Prince of Wales, and remains the only alternative acceptable color.

The white dinner jacket is often used in hot climates. In general, rather as ivory, pure white, and does not address the silk strands. The white dinner jacket worn with black trousers, black tie in general. Exceptions are the colors of America for use in high school "prom" conductor and concert is to say, last night. In the United States and Canada a white dinner jacket is traditionally used only on Memorial Day Spring Day Labour. (This rule also applies to summer white clothes, including shoes and suits.) In the United Kingdom, the traditional rule base is that white dinner jackets are never used, even in the hottest day of summer, but are reserved for outdoor use [3].

It is impolite for a man to remove jacket during a black tie social event, but the hot weather and humidity dictate, the man classification (of the royal family, the guest of honor) can give men license to substantially remove the jacket. As anticipated hot weather Red Sea rig is specified in the invitation, but this dress is esoteric in civilian circles, and in particular to certain communities.

The Size is wearing a vest or (jacket) or a belt to use a single layer of the chest. The vest should be low-cut, traditional models (three buttons on the breast itself) can be backless, and have shawl lapels. The group (derived from military dress uniform in British India) is worn with folds up and is the same fabric as the bow tie and lapels. White tie style jacket traditionally worn with white shirts rigid most common formal black tie possible. [4]

A band does not cross a jacket and a waistcoat now very rarely. Since this style of jacket is never unbuttoned, the size of the trousers is never exposed, and therefore should not be covered [5], well before the war, an edge of the vest is often established between the jacket and shirt.

Before the Second World War, stiff shirt collars to separate the wing abounded, similar to white tie. However, T-shirts are no longer commonly available and an imitation of this type, a semi-rigid sleeve with a collar attached, has become very common (in particularly the U.S.). The traditionalists, however, reject the use of these new collars attached wing and argue that a shirt with a collar swing Classical (found in a "normal" shirt) has become de rigueur. [6] Many traditional shirt makers such as Turnbull & Asser refuse to sell shirts with a collar.

The original and the more formal version of the shirt dress fastened with shirt studs and cufflinks matched. You can also wear a buttoned shirt with either a fly's foot, and if the buttons are visible (very informal) should be the mother of pearl. Soft shirts have French cuffs, stiff shirts (as in white tie) have single cuffs.

Handkerchief and boutonniere: A white handkerchief in linen (silk and cotton are modern alternatives) and / or a boutonniere (a blue tile, red or white carnation, or rosebud.) Must be used in the shield.

Warm clothing in cold weather Chesterfield or more solid colors gray gloves and a white silk scarf worn. Traditionally, a layer of Inverness was also very popular.

Hat: The hat is a standard black (or midnight blue) Homburg in the summer, a straw hat is optional. Hats can be used with a white tie and morning dress.

Watches: If worn, a wristwatch should be slender, thin and elegant, alternatively, a pocket watch can be used in the vest. Traditionally them, however, visible timepieces are not worn with formal evening wear, because timing is not considered a priority.

Decorations and orders: civil, decorations and organization generally used only for official state events or a ruler. Miniature orders and awards are the belt used in the left chest or left lapel of his jacket, and neck badges, breast stars, and leaves are used according to the rules of the organization of each country-o.

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