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Where can you get these cute Chinese take the boxes?

I knew something like this: a store that is known in the UCI wants to box like the picture, but I want them to be like Christmas.

You can check your local store boats. (Michaels, for example), sell them. Michaels has them in the gift bag section, but can also be used for decorative gifts, etc are sold in reusable packaging. Different colors and sizes. The pull boxes are sold each year, Michaels. If you do not have access to a craft store, you can check Walmart. They also have some. Otherwise, visit local stores such as Smart & Final. They sell these things. A good idea, you can google to see if you can find the same model of js. Print. And cut layer on thick paper such as cardboard or otherwise. Adding tape instead of metal. You can be creative. Good luck, HTH

The economy is tight, but has been dying to replace old cabinets, used for cooking and now I know you can not least for some time. But what if you can not support one more day? Give them an antique finish New!

One of my friends has recently moved in a farmhouse in 1920 in a small town in Washington State. The lady who sold it to her, was not updated cabinets where they were new in 1960.

Being an artist skilled faux finish, decided to change immediately. But it did not replace them or even back forward. He did it with a simple technique to add ornamental plaster, mold and antiques with a simple process of painting.

I like the look of painted furniture, old people. I like the look of ornamental plaster. This creates the two together is a very nice brand your cabinets more boring, monotonous. They add such character to the kitchen, bathroom (or even furniture!). Here's how easy this elegant look:

First, find a template you really like. craft stores carry a few in the soap or in the corridor candles, but you can find many sites on the Internet. Just search for "ornamental plaster mold and the sites they present themselves. Choose a model that is sized to fit in the center of the cabinet door without being overwhelming.

What is most exciting about adding pieces plaster with the doors of your cabinet doors is they appear to have been hand-carved designs on them. However, each piece literally, the cost of production under.

"The glass on the painting" finishes are so cool. The technique can transform the simplest and firms The most common into something much more interesting and beautiful. In its final form I give the actual size of the presence and cabinets!

It can be done with any color, usually using a darker shade of the same or coordinating color in a lighter tone. But my favorite is the cream colored paint on the base with a light brown wash medium. It is soothing and welcoming and not affect the decoration of others may occur in the room.

How easy it is? Ultra!

1. Simply use the pan and a bag of plaster of Paris (which is Store your source) to provide sufficient design pieces for the number of cabinet doors in your kitchen. Follow the manufacturer's instructions easier.

The pieces must be dry weight of bone and light before turning to firms. It may take two days and one week to do their part in advance to save time. Believe me, if you can mix the batter and pour into a container, you can take a mold. It's really very simple.

2. Clean your cabinets to remove dirt and oils, then apply two coats of primer.

3. Mixed use joint compound White with a little glue sticks that are scattered by the mixture on the back of the piece of plaster, keeping it in the center of the cabinet door for a minute. We post perfectly! Let dry for 48 hours before painting.

4. Simply paint your cabinet or furniture piece with the lighter version of the color you have chosen. Let dry overnight.

5. Mix the deepest shade of color you've chosen profession with a translucent wall glaze Report 4 parts glaze to paint a (very easy, eh?).

Mix well.

6. Brush freely on the surface of the cabinet, with particular attention to the piece of decorative plaster, then immediately wipe dry with a towel, allowing the mixture to remain in breaks, cracks or corners of the room to create a darker finish in these areas.

7. Once dry, seal with two coats of polyurethane Non-yellowing to protect your new finish.

It's quick, simple and beautiful!

This technique can be performed on almost all, and there is an ornamental detail to the piece at all, you will find the enamel is just so much more! To really make cabinets'm back inside cabinets with a coat of paint or coating as new rack.

So go ahead and give the cabinets a face lift ugly ornamentals. You might just find that you like them more if they really replaced!

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