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Where I can find a cheap prefabricated scrapbook?

A friend of mine is the son of a 1st birthday soon. I wanted an album of his small (less than 12x12) and a disposable camera so my friend can open and close of pictures of her birthday party and simply drag premade scrapbook then you have a book to look back and remember your big day. I had a lot of pages, and photos of birthdays that right. I do not want my friend have to sit down and put an album together for what should already be done with each page filled with fun and legends and perhaps the color as Birthday Boy "or something else. Anyone know where to sell some thing?

Occasionally, I found premade scrapbooks to the dollar in our Target store. I found many items there for very cheap scrapbooking. Dollar Tree or Dollar Store is a good place to look too. I myself did not have much chance of find items at low cost scrapbooking Walmart. Joann Fabrics has some great deals on scrapbooking items - my local Joann Fabrics has a section of scrapbooking supplies for a dollar each package, small scrapbooks - ie chipboard door, books 8-10 PG, and embellished stickers and others to go along with each $ 1 each. If you look, you find regular resources for scrapbooking supplies cheap. Good luck!


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