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which celeb do you wish you were buddy-buddy with?

no romantic buddies, just platonic ones. Thanks and happy Wednesday!

I think I would pick Brad Pitt.

katy perry

Vacation Planning For Travel With Friends And Family

Travel with friends and family can be a tricky thing. You may have talked about your dream vacation with your friends... Think about what you'll do if they say, "Yea, I've always wanted to do that! We should go together."

Maybe you think, why not? You get together a couple of times a month for barbecues. You've caught a few ball games together, spent days together getting those house projects done. Why not enjoy a trip together?

A trip together can be a really good thing, but you have to make sure you think things through... You really need to have an idea about who likes what before you start traveling with friends and family. You want them to be your friends when you come home too!

Prior to planning a long dream trip with your sister and brother-in-law or your best friends... you might want to take a couple of weekend trips... see if your travel styles are compatible. You might discover a few personality quirks that never showed up on those afternoons together or disabilities that you never gave a thought to when you were just sitting around at dinner.

Here are a few things to think about.

If you're the type who likes to walk and explore cities all day, but your brother-in-law has arthritis, you're going to be having some rocky times unless you've planned time apart for individual activities or you've planned for some bus or car tours.

You want to grab a snack and keep on exploring, but your sister likes long leisurely lunches... one of you is going to be unhappy unless you plan for this. Maybe you can tell her this is your new diet plan. Just kidding, but you see what I mean.

You've enjoyed beer and wine together at your barbecues, but find out if your buddy wants to stop often for a beer or stop early in the day for a nice cocktail hour.

You can still take a trip together if you have different styles and physical limitations, you just have to plan for it. Maybe taking a cruise together would be better. Or a tour instead of independent travel.

Without a tour, you might have more time to enjoy each other, but when you're planning your itinerary, decide together how fast the pace should be for the slowest member of your group. Don't plan to cram activities in. Choose one or two that you can do together each day... allow time apart. You can go off on your own, and they can take a nap in their hotel room or sit in a sidewalk cafe and recover or shop or whatever grabs their fancy.

You can prowl that museum while they take that river sightseeing tour that would bore you do death. Traveling together doesn't have to mean spending every waking hour together. In fact, your trip will probably be much more pleasant if you plan for time apart.... You will come home still speaking to each other and have great memories because of it!
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