Brass Embossing Stencil

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embossing or brass stencil?

what is different between embossing sheet(scrap boos) and brass stencil?
which one is better for card making and more usefully?

The brass stencil is a template used for embossing a design into another surface.
There are at least two meanings I know of for 'embossing sheet', depending on context. In one case, it's a high-temperature-safe non-stick plastic sheet, such as you might use under a project when you're dipping items in melted embossing powder, both to protect your surface and to make sure you don't stick your embossed items to your table. In the second case, it's a sheet, usually of metal, specially made so that you can easily emboss designs into it, then you'd attach it to your project.
In general, brass stencils, as well as those made of other materials, are used fairly commonly in cardmaking, to produce raised areas that are neither colored nor shiny. The high-temp teflon sheet would be useful if you're using a lot of melted embossing powder and can be handy (but not necessary) for other things, too. The metal sheets made to accept embossed designs would be a more specialized item.
Start with the stencils, then see where you want to go from there.

Mirrors for the Bathroom

A smart use of mirrors for the bathroom can make bathroom decoration really smooth, easy and fun. Apart from the optical illusion which mirrors create, they also have an aesthetic getup which helps a lot in achieving your desired bathroom scheme with no fuss at all. The optical illusions created give a certain visual depth in your scheme. Also, with the current trend, bathroom mirror cabinets would very well be used as medicine cabinets, which saves space and adds utility. When we say utility, we are not asking you to give up on the beauty factor. Moreover, options such as brass handles and plating can make your bathroom mirrors look even prettier.

Your choice of mirrors for the bathroom can always have a wide range of selection to have them look good in your bathroom. They start with modern hip designs on aluminum frames and g deep down to classic looking designs in the traditional way. The price range fluctuates just as well. A mirror with the classy French getup would look great if your bathroom is traditional and sober. These mirrors often come with engraved and embossed French caricatures on them. An antique piece which comes with intricate outlining shall behave as a real attraction your bathroom. Such designs may use precise and small engravings of the Victorian kind. While contemporary designs use little elements of intricacy and make a very good use of wood in their framing and holding. While these are some fixed themes, you can very well add the jazzy element to your bathroom, by installing one of the frameless pieces atop your sparkling white wash basin, to get the neat clinical look, which would never bore you.

For some of us, storage is not the central issue ever when it comes to mirrors for the bathroom. In such, a mirror could be used for its simple utility and jazz. With the right kind of frame and design, it may hold the rest of your bathroom at ransom for its beauty. One would be the oval mirror which is installed with pedestal sinks. Or huge mirrors which take up a huge chunk of a wall to themselves. Such huge mirrors can use some of your craftsmanship on them, if you use the right kind of designs with glass paint and stencils. Another very important aspect of using a mirror is the right kind of light. This not only makes your mirror beautiful, but also adds high end reflections of your bathroom. Adding zero wattage bulbs around the periphery of your basin mirror can make your mirror be of more use when you look at your self in the mirror. If there are certain bathroom vanities which you really love and feel like showing it on a larger scheme, then you can very well adjust your mirror in the right position to reflect them properly. This would work to cut out all that you do not like in your bathroom, such as unlit parts of your bathroom. Bathroom mirrors are one vanity which can use a whole lot of your money, but they are eventually worth all of it.


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