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Does anyone know of good websites to get free embroidery designs in PES format (brother)?

I have a brother and just bought SE270D PE Basic Design and am looking for free templates you can download. Thank you.

There are tons of sites where you can get free-form designs PSA. Just a few of my favorites are:,, and /. Each of these sites, you can download a free drawing per day (either exclusively in the PSE, or available in the PSA), and vote for which design will be available next day. There is also the option of paying a fee and be able to download all the possible designs for a period of time (6 months to a year, depending the location and the options you choose). Similarly, there are many sites offering sample embroidery designs for you so you can check the quality before deciding whether to buy to them. Some scanners recommend it because I think there is, then there are some that are mediocre to bad (perhaps even on the basis of autodigitizing programs that are not very good work). Here are two I am a paying member of: and Another good thing to consider going to Yahoo! Groups and find a group of embroidery machine or two to join (I have over 85 of them). Many gifts are offered in the archives of his group, and you can learn a lot of discussion group. Note that some of them have a very large volume, so Learn what you can handle. And it is considered rude to join a group to get the gifts promotion, then leave immediately. You may be prohibited from increasingly join if you do. WARNING: If you do not already know, embroidery collection free can be addictive. Try not to think you could really use, not anything and everything you encounter, or if you have room for anything else on your computer! And forget to create backup files frequently so you do not lose precious drawings if your computer crashes one day. I can burn CDs, as they are fashionable. In addition, is illegal to sell or give any design that you do not own the copyright then see one of these characters "popular" designs that you can find. If Disney is a gift, is almost certainly not Legal. Buying a model that gives the right to use, not resale. =]


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