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I'm considering buying a CS-100-T Computerized Sewing Machine Brother (machine quilting). If I understand it is very cheap (as in the time I need), but I heard it's a great machine for everyday use and quilts. Let me know what you think ...

I have not used this particular machine, but my mother is very happy with her brother. Epinions See the comments below on this particular team - Looks very happy with it. More comments yet on, and are extremely positive. Sounds like a good machine.

Christmas 1942

Grandma Howard prepared for Christmas for 364 days a year. The second day of Christmas was more than already provided for next year. Every relationship clan Howard traveled near and far to get to the grandmother and grandfather of Howard for the holidays. The grandmother Diving in the sewing room and complement each blanket and pillow as she could. The quilt all year to make more blankets for different entities that must be heated in your home.

About a week before Christmas, the family began to arrive, some large, some small, some in the middle. They arrive by bus Trailways, old pots, a train called The Owl, and some have even hitchhiking.

Mema was the aunt compared to the team that made its entrance through all Pullman train called the Lark. It was the high voltage of the cluster. and do not fall the scope owl died in the train most families continued forward. Too common for her and for her too if she wanted to work on some parents in the dining room. Worse, in the sink!

Uncle Jack always came hitchhiking with a little black sheep of the family, but children adored him, that his wild adventure with pirates hitchhiking California. Grandma Jack always put on the table for children at Christmas as a warning veiled to grow, but it did not care. She loved being with all his nieces and nephews, waving his nose and sniff the milk through the nose.

Vernie I was just eight years. She locks the most beautiful hair, still tipped black hair, because the rotten Digger Morton school. Morton Vernie queues still soak in the ink on the table, and the mother Vernie Ruth, can not get the ink Vernie hair. Your brand with the nickname "brush" at school.

Vernie, like all the other girls in the class, the material being cut dresses in feed sacks. Each months, mothers of all children in primary schools in five years would rush to Kramer and Dime Store farm to see what new designs are printed on the bags of feed bag. Some had small pink roses, while other prominent cute ducklings. But if you do not pass through the first Old Kramer in the morning, you could find yourself with a print dress with jeans, and was a fate worse than death for a little princess eight years. It was quite Vernie was bad, no black patent leather shoes that dream, but to have a denim dress was downright humiliating.

Uncle Ralph was Vernie Vernie Bookmark and felt Ralphie the same thing for her. She loved his smile and his way of playing the guitar, and if they were gap of fourteen years, Ralph was more like Vernie big brother. He could not come for Christmas this year because he was out of the fight against war, but he wrote many letters she would mail it could take as stamps and walk her mother points to the station and put it in the mailbox on the side of coach. Once you put a letter into the slot, and a hand appeared with a lollipop, and cast as the train left the station. Yes it was exciting, but not the main reason he wanted to take letters from Uncle Ralph to the station. Because she decided that I would not trust your precious letters to Mr. Perryman.

Mr. Perryman was too new on the road, as the former Factor, M. Okizawa had suddenly left the village. She did not understand, so difficult that good jobs were to find these days, why one day delivered by mail as usual, and the next day, Mr. Perryman wound with its graceful mail car. He liked Mr. Okizawa it was fine, of course. But also because it said that his funny name. "It letttaahh FO-uh that misss Vuuuhhhnnneeee. Gooot A to yooo deh, eh?" Every day the same thing. Then one day, Mr. Perryman.

After thirty-four of the family Christmas arrives, the preparation and the fun begins from. The porch was flooded in the luggage and was a task for children to make them tidy.

Grandma kick all the men in the house for a few days and it was the work of the grandfather to entertain. All men (including men) to pack enough food for a few days and beyond discount camping. Howard's grandfather was known as the best truck and the hunter in the San Joaquin Valley. Perhaps Kern County, too. He says it was his native blood American nature spoke. Sometimes we all wondered if he was right. Once, when they were all hiking and hunting, the uncle of Jon split the group. All others returned to camp, but grandfather's uncle Jon and found him shivering by the flow and the cold but beautiful.

The night before crawling into their tents, the grandfather to bind melon and bacon on top of trees to prevent bears from disturbing them. One night, grandfather awoke to the sound of growling bears. He looked outside his tent and he saw a bear on his hind legs to reach the melon. His legs were simply saturation Network was held on honeydew, delicious in the tree. The vision of your watermelon in the morning to be beaten like a grandfather came tetherball grades eleven red beets. He left shop, clad only in underwear, in an effort furious, desperate to save his trot bear. Then she had a party open networks and the sight of the juicy, ripe melon strewn on the ground grandfather inspired run force that lead to scurvy. He began to throw hard, non-melon mature in the bear's head, who had a puzzled look on his face (and all the children camping) which she fled. "Nobody messes with my melon. murmured grandfather. Not even ol mangy bears.

The grandfather of a package of empty coffee full of worms for fishing. The problem is that this was the same coffee can that made the coffee every morning in the mud. The cafe is a little dirt and worms, but they have become accustomed to the taste after a while. It was coffee thick sand has been more difficult to resolve.

Back at home, the grandmother and all women are fiercely cooking food. Aunt Ethel by the bandage while the aunt baked cakes Mims. Grandma's kitchen looked like he was about to burst with all organizations that cleave small space, while talking and all the gossip about family members who did not.

Grandma Vernie and had imposed Turkey. Vernie Turkey continues in the tight corner on the patio and grandmother to take care of it quickly and painlessly. Then all the women down and feathers fly. Turkey never knew what hit him.

Once all the food has to cook, the girls were responsible for bringing the wood and manufacturing all corners of the house into a bed for a parent. Every little girl can not sleep with a beautiful family quilt. The fabric quilt containing a family of generations it is related. If you got the blanket, he was told there would be a good chance for the whole year. The girls have completed the development numbers I have in the quilt.

Once each bed has been assembled, it was time to sort gifts. Most donations were homemade, but valuable, however, each wrapped in a different way, some with brown paper, sometimes with glossy paper, and some with the newspaper. You can always count on donations that Uncle Jack, because it always has been involved toilet paper.

Once everything is set up women, food, gifts, and bedding, the grandmother went out and whistle. head tilt grandfather and people say it was time to go home. Nobody could understand how he could hear the hissing of the grandmother, but she always had. The boys and their soldiers March was the path, like the dwarfs in Snow White, all in a row and a smile from ear to ear singing "Jingle Bells" with a huge pine tree dragging behind them, and a basket full of trout.

People do women fail to fawn on men and boys in trout and the beautiful Christmas tree that had been home. So grandfather and Uncle Jack would get all the trees and children and the seat down. They hung garlands of popcorn and cranberries around the tree, and white paper angel ornaments of each stem with other bright red and green ribbons bound summit.

Jack was sitting on the small coffee Rinky Dink piano with a large red bow tied around her head and everyone sings Jingle Bells. Jack begins play the song faster and faster until he collapsed on the floor claiming he fainted. All the children rose and tickle each.

Once the youngest went to bed, adults are low suspended for twelve children. Each received an orange in storage, and it summer. But back then it was a pleasure to have an orange self. Jack wants to put some more coal on the bottom like a joke, but the grandmother their refusal.

On Christmas morning, we awoke to the smell of cooking trout and biscuits. The children woke up one a home and get louder and louder until there were blankets and bodies everywhere with the wonderful smell of butter cookies and a pinch of freshwater fish. The breakfast was like being in the cafeteria line. Sure you do not want to be the last person on the line if the meal is finished.

Once breakfast was off the track, Jack becomes Santa's elves and hand out presents, one by one, Everyone introduced development. Thank you also exchanged a few polite and rolling his eyes with gifts. In general, the mobile eye due to one of Jack gifts to children. He had carefully wrapped each of the twelve gifts wrapped in toilet paper and had a letter printed the hand of the alphabet every child. He said he had to be found in the tracks, then all the windows of your letter of the alphabet and went to the city, trying to decipher the letters to learn what has been his gift. This kept them busy for two hours. He continued by saying that it was worth the wait.

The letters written, "Stand in one line." All children were lined up and solemnly asked Jack everyone to achieve, we've all done conscientiously. I told them that on the way to California pirates had tried to take his treasure is the treasure would be safer with each child. (The real story is Jack was caught in a game Poker and won.) Then, put a ten dollar bill in the hands of each child. Adults and children, let out a collective sigh.

None of these children had never played a ten dollar bill, much less a property. Mothers wept with gratitude and parents were slaps on the back of Jack. "There is only one rule," said Jack children. "You can pass anything you want ... not need." Parents arrested again caress Jack and the tears dried up. All his dreams when the money had disappeared. "That money is the money of children." How can anyone doubt it? And if the children have begun to make money plans. Jack promised to take them to advertise the day after Christmas.

Christmas dinner was ready and all bowed their heads to thank the sky above your party fountiful abundant or beast, as he was called Jack, much the delight of children. Each person in the table would say a little thing. When Vernie was called Uncle Ralph to be sure.

Everyone nodded and then the fun begins. baked sweet potatoes, dressing, turkey with cranberry sauce, honey, bread with butter, salad not in sight, just comfort food for the family. As the fabric, the children sat around the radio and listen Lone Ranger Jack drama, acting on different parts of the radio show, even down to being the Lone Ranger's horse, Silver.

Vernie sitting on Jack's lap as he listened attentively. She has kept a low rate hearing and grew louder and louder until it sounds as if I were in the main door. The grandmother has opened it to find Uncle Ralph with his gym bag while playing his guitar, a package wrapped in hand light. Vernie could not believe my eyes. Ran Ralph and he left for his little princess beautiful with the art of black hair. He put the package and saw the opening of the box, removed the tissue and the blackest revealed more shiny leather shoes patent I've ever seen. She screamed for joy, Oxford took his shoes and put on her princess shoes. Santa was exactly what she wanted for Christmas, his uncle Ralph.

The day after all children were in business with Uncle Jack and left with only the things I wanted. The grandmother was already planning, with all women, the big party next year. Like everyone else to leave the suitcases, Aunt Mema everyone asked to gather around. "It may be old but I'm still not going to let the little Jacky beat me." He fumbled in his bag and pulled out a note from a dollar for every twenty families. "Take what Jacky! Everyone was screaming and yelling. Jack smiled mischievously told Uncle Ralph had finally let Aunt Mema part of the money where it is necessary old.

Soon everyone went their way by bus, train and carom. Unless of course, Jack, who came with his finger. And Uncle Ralph, on leave from his ship and secure within the family stayed in a ten days' leave of war in the last days had become so distant. The only thing I would do in this Christmas Eve was seen dancing in the moonlight Vernie in their polished shoes, and I thank Providence to be part of a family and a country worth fighting for.

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