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I bought a piece of chenille Suite 3, which shows signs of wear.?

Will brown chenille fabric when used, I think it is a defect in the tissue, but someone told me like this song because the work will be crushed by sitting on it. I have not had for a long time.

Yes, the battery flat.

A collection of beautiful prints and fabrics

You want your home to give the impression that they were provided by a professional designer? You do not need a diploma school of art of planning a beautiful design, indeed it is the selection and coordination of tissues right and engravings. There are many beautiful fabrics and recordings on the market today, and you can include more than one in a room. Blend Fabric luxury fashion plates in color is a recipe for success style.

When most people think of printed fabric, floral patterns suggest first. Because they are probably a floral most popular models. With a timeless look, decorating with flowers exude a feel fresh and alive in a room. There are many floral patterns to choose from, but easier to work are generally those that are more impressionistic. Although initially this may seem too bold, their great graphics keep the model becomes too busy. A floral pillows can be the perfect accent for sofa sports breakfast or guest house.

Animal prints are also very popular in a short time. Modern clothes and zebra prints on conventionally exotic models Cheetah tiger, these impressions can be integrated into almost any style or decor. As most are neutral colors (eg, the cheetah is brown and beige), these models are perfect for people who are not insured if the tissues are for model them. A simple imitation of animal skin or print upholstered chair may be just the thing to bring a touch of elegance to a room. Nevertheless, printing of animals can also be seen in the larger pieces, like the leopard or cheetah sleeping Recamier.

At the other end of the spectrum of printing, not the classic canvas refined. Full of pastoral scenes of ladies and gentlemen, these titles back the Court of France. Use these versatile fabrics in the kitchen, dining room, bathroom or even for an elegant look throughout the country. Similar model is particularly popular these days is in Damascus. With its majestic appearance, these traditional models are offered in a variety of colors ranging from traditional to fashion.

Now, to balance the mix of reasons, will also incorporate solid colored fabrics. Microfiber offers multiple benefits, including durability, ease of cleaning and color retention. With the soft look of suede, this fabric is a nice option and inexpensive especially for families. For durability and style, nothing compares to leather. Although it may be an important investment, Leather is an option will last for many years. But if you think that the leather may be too dark for the men or their living space, take another look today and leather furniture you will see a palette of colors to choose from.

Looking for a fabric that is comfortable and elegant? After track is the perfect choice. With lines smooth textured fabric not only feels luxurious chenille, is impeccable. Ultra Suede Deluxe is another option that offers a smooth texture that is ideal for all tastes modern.

Clearly, there are many options available when searching for the perfect fabric. Many suppliers offer upholstery custom, which means you can select the style of frame you want to customize, then the fabric you want. But you do not have to look furniture tailored to most styles of today. Largest furniture retailers will present a selection of drawings of all these popular fabrics and prints.

Remember, furniture itself alone can not establish the reason for the design of a room. Instead of spending time and money support furniture, look for ways to add small and manageable character and interest to your house with prints and fabrics. The mixture and preparation of various colors, models that are designed and printed a special chamber. The most interesting rooms with multiple layers of style. They started with a base color that you like to match the color of your wall and the floor and out of there and win the trust of more and more adventurous than you select tissues.

Once you have your care the largest furniture, custom pieces with bold prints and more. Maybe add armchair or sofa fabric flowers in the room. Finally, the icing on the cake, adding a mixture of solids and patterns of pillows, duvets and decorative touches. Once all the layers together, you'll see how the law can be tissues. And choosing the fabrics feel good, you'll enjoy not only look at his creation, but also to rest, sleep and live with the tissues that make the most of your home.

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