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My full name is Alexander John Brown.My family and friends call me Alex I have short.I 16 years old, of medium size and have black hair and blue eyes. This is strange because my brother's eyes are brown. I live in New Zealand is not in a small town but in a sheep farm.I m a people person by nature and I enjoy outdoor life. There is much to do where I live, so my parents never bored.Both are teachers, but not in the same school as me to.I am good at languages, but I'm not so smart when it comes to science.I intend to travel abroad a day to see the rest of the world.

3 Natural Ingredients Face Cream eliminates wrinkles and fine lines during

Find the best natural face cream is to find the best ingredients. We just want the best, natural, high quality material on your skin, right?

I think we both know, but problems arise when he begins to find the answer to what exactly are the best ingredients.

Find the best natural facial cream comes from experience, at least I had a lot of time and effort to find a natural product that I use now, you can find about this in my site.

But back to the topic. Let me share with you three of the most effective, natural ingredients that are there right now, when being in a product natural face cream, like me, you will notice on your skin.

  1. Eyeliss - This is a very powerful and very expensive ingredients manufactured in Europe. It is not well known because of its price. There are some products out there that has in their products, and they do not charge astronomical amounts do not know how, but I'm happy to have found one of them. Eyeliss reduces wrinkles, bags under the eyes, and even get rid of the bags. This has been tested in a clinical study, where 65% of volunteers experienced a significant reduction in the bags under eyes in less than four weeks.
  2. homeo Age - Another very powerful element that is derived from seaweed Canadian brown, which is very rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Home Age invests aging skin and reduces wrinkles very effectively.
  3. Cynergy TK - from New Zealand wool, this ingredient may not seem impressive at first, but when you read the research, and learned the results of others, begins to really shine. Cynergy TK naturally increases your body's collagen levels and elastin, which is very good if you want to look young and healthy.

For more information about this anti-aging face cream I personally use every day to keep skin young and wrinkle-free, visit my web site comments Moisturizer for more information.

About the Author

Rebecca S. Purple is a passionate user of natural skin care products. She has done extensive research on the subject, and has learned what works, and what doesn't. You can learn more about the cutting-edge skin care products that she recommends by visiting her website at


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