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(Cosplay) What kind of paint should I use lycra and spandex?

I cosplay (costume play) a game character and the costume I wear package Full body lycra / spandex. It is skin tight and I wanted to paint with a paint flexible. Someone told me to use latex paint. Would this work? Is it toxic? Need a painting that is flexible enough to work with the hardware, but the habit will fade, flake, or without them for a while. HELP! What should I use ?!.... and how I can paint them?! (Gun? Brush? XD) I can not emphasize enough how much we need a paint that will last and will not peel, if I'm on the computer or running. UBER flexible and long term ... perhaps even machine washable? The costume is a lycra / spandex suit I'm looking for paint. Not in my skin in the suit. Stretch fabric. Needs> Strechy Painting. "

If it is lycra and spandex, is likely to be covered with a cloth. You can get fabric paint regular basis at many hardware stores or fabric. I also used acrylic paint on clothing range. No chip, but could go out after much use. In this case, you can always return if necessary. Good luck and break a leg with the game!

Artist typical Labor Day

Are you interested in becoming a painter living, or are interested in hiring one? Either way, This article could shed light on this trade.

What to
Many housing Painters working for large general contractors who have a specialized group of painters. Other painters who work for painting contractors. Among the specialties are the following: painting new homes, commercial buildings and industrial paint, custom interior paint, or repainting residential, both inside and outside. Firstly, a painter prepares any surface for painting, then apply their paints, dyes, varnishes and lacquers for the areas of private residences or commercial structures. His place of employment changes of daily or weekly, depending on the size of the job. Painters pretty decent life, because work is not easy. Painting player, even someone in good physical health of young people, because painters spend hours to climb and descend the stairs and no extreme heat outside.

Buzzzzz - working time
As mentioned above, the exterior painting of the house can be exhausting in the heat of summer, so that painting contractors painters were up early to get into a lot of paint before the sun comes in. wheels are much colder. The hours of operation actually painter may depend on the client. They are comfortable with the painters into his house early in the morning, or prefer to work until late at night.

Artist of the preparations

Artists perform minor repairs to the wall and some simple carpentry work, including caulking and repair drywall, adding that the first coat of paint. This part of the work may last until late or days. Another part of the painting before pre includes removing or covering furniture, rugs and covers registration and wood floors, and that the power washing, scraping, caulking and priming.

Brushes, rollers and Firearms
Team may have developed small table most of the houses in a few hours. Once done, the paint is mixed guns are created, the rollers are transient, painters can get to work. It may take up to one hour to spray one side of a typical house. Other team members painting contractor are busy sliding scales, removing the masking paper, remove the tape, and paint.

Own before leaving
The painting contractor will clean and prepare for the next day. Paint cans, rollers, brushes and other painting tools will be carefully covered and kept in a good place, if any spills or other accidents while the team is absent. Firearms, brushes and rollers are washed paint waste outside. When the work is done, all tools and materials are cleaned and returned to the truck, so they be ready for the next task. You do not want to paint the work in progress, and accidentally to the walls of the next client. Then the painting contractor will scan of all the latest local to ensure that nothing is left dirty, then all the furniture in place. We wish them good luck and say goodbye with a smile.

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