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Alphabet ideas!?

I am going to create a scrapbook out of pages with the letters of the alphabet and things colored, glued, painted or stamped on them. I will be gluing red ribbon on a letter "R" for instance. I need ideas for small objects that begin with the following letters,
e, j, i, l, o, q, u, v, x, z,

I am also going to fill a basket with small objects that begin with these letters, I will have a small bag of acorns, some apples and such in a basket on the day we learn about the letter "A". I need ideas on things around the house and inexpensive items to fill my basket with each day, for all letters.

We will be reading a storybook each day that contains something that begins with our letter of the day.

I will be teaching a homeschooled co-op group and time is limited as is their attention span so nothing incredibly tedious or time consuming.

Thanks so much!!

Just a quick brainstorm. I hope it helps.
A - animals, art, arm,
B - (big) banana, (bright) bandanna, brick, binoculars, band aid, bunny, batteries, bird, bread, bottle, ball, basket,
C - cat, can, canary, computer,
D - dog, dinosaur, daisy, daffodil, (delicious) dinner, dirt,
E - elephant, egg, eggplant, envelope,
F - fridge, fairy, farm, fork, flower
G - (gorgeous) girl, (green) grape, (growing) garden, garlic,
H - heart, hand, horse,
I - insect, iguana,
J - jelly, jeans, Jack-in-the-box,
K - kettle, kitten,
L - lamp, light, leaf,
M - money, monkey, mouth, month, matchstick,
N -
O - orange, octopus, olive, orchard,
P - paper, plane, plate,
Q - queen, queue
R - rat, raisin, rabbit, rock, ring,
S - salt, spoon,
T - turtle, train, tin, tiger, table, tray,
U - umbrella,
V - vinegar, vine, volleyball,
W - wasp, witch, water, well, watch, wall,
X - box, fox,
Y - yacht
Z - zebra,


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