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Any good anime dubbed or subbed?

I want an anime thats dubbed b/c sometimes i get tired of reading it and other stuff. If there are any really good anime thats subbed only you can still submit them in. The animes i have already watched are:
Soul Eater
Kaichou wa Maid sama
Shugo Chara
Kuroshitsuji I & II (Black Butler)
Death Note
Code Geass (both of them)
Bamboo Blade
School Rumble
Vampire Knight
Ouran High School Host Club
DN Angel
Lucky Star
Fruits Basket

The animes i dont want to watch are:
Elfen Lied
The melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
Peach Girl
One Peice
Dragon Ball Series

If you could can you add a small description of the show and find some that are similar to any of the ones i have watched plzzzzz!
Thanx in advance!!!!!!
Srry Clannad is on both but it should only be on the ones i have already watched.

Wait... Clannad is on both lists. ???
But other than Clannad and TMoHS being on the "Do Not Want" list, you seem to like a lot of the same stuff I like. So, here are the ones that you haven't listed that I like.

Ryuuji is a nice, kind, easygoing guy. The problem is, practically everyone in his school is scared of him. Or, more specifically, his rather angry-looking eyes. But when he has a run-in with the school's famed "Palmtop Tiger", Taiga, he more than meets his match in fire and spunk. Then Ryuuji finds out that Taiga is in love with his best friend and that she is best friends with Ryuuji's crush. So, following all anime plotlines with such specifications, they work together to further themselves and eachother in their love lives.
Toradora was great, I personally loved it. I like Taiga, she's all fire. And Ryuuji would make an awesome big brother or something.

Pandora Hearts
Oz Bezarius leads a rather carefree and privledged life, shadowed only by the rejection and absence of his father. However, everything changes on the day of Oz's fifteenth birthday and his coming-of-age ceremony. Unwelcome visitors wreak havoc and cast Oz himself into a fabled prison called "The Abyss", from which it is said that no one can escape. Finding himself helpless and under attack by the residents of The Abyss, called Chains, Oz forms a contract with one in order to escape. His Chain is a spunky and fierce girl called Alice, known to others as The Bloodstained Black Rabbit, or B-Rabbit. Once they escape, Oz finds that his own world is not exactly the same as when he left it. More specfically, it is ten years older than last time he was there. The two are taken in by the mysterious organization Pandora. And then, of course, there's Alice, off on her own agenda of regaining her shattered memories. Oz decides to help her find her memories as well as to learn more about the ones who sent him into The Abyss and more about The Abyss and its controlling force, The Will of The Abyss.
I LOVE Pandora Hearts. It's really cool at some parts and really funny at others. A little complicated, but I tried to shorten it. Oz is adorable! 😀

Those are the two favorites of mine that aren't on your list! I also liked Lovely Complex, Dengeki Daisy, Fairy Tail, and Eden of the East, but I don't feel like putting descriptions for them... Look them up! 😀


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