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At Die Cut Machines your source for Die Cutting Machines and Crafting Supplies we hope the Butterfly Scrapbook products and information here meets your needs.

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*... Survey * yay! :)?

Makeup or no makeup? Rays, dolphins or sea otter? Victoria's Secret or Fredericks of Hollywood? Cuts or conventional photo albums? milkshake McDonald's or Jack's on the box? chocolate cake or ice cream cake? Fairies, aliens or zombies?, Olives or peppers cucumbers? Poems, short stories or novels? fast or slow? Shower or bath? Uh ... uh ... postcards birthday cards? tacos or burritos? Red or black? Hmmm ... Marilyn Monroe, Bettie Page or Dita Von Teese? Mountains, beaches, deserts? Pinch, bite or a hug? Butterflies, dragonflies or ladybugs? Moon or stars? ... Uh, fantasy or reality?:)

Hello Bunny, 1 - no makeup, a little dust is all. 2 - I Love Dolphins so cute and very smart. 3 - Victoria Secret soft comforable. 4 - regular photo albums, but the thought of an album. 5 --The-Box Jack-In batter. 6 - ice cream cake .. Get 2 for .. 7 - Ireland fairies are the best. 8 - thinly sliced cucumber and fresh tomato from the garden and makes a great sandwich .. Remember in May .. 9 - Short Stories are much better for me, I try to sleep. 10 - very slowly is much better and can feel! Hehehe 11 - Shower is much fresher and cleaner. 12 - Uh ... UM ... Where's my underwear?? 13 - Birthday Card course. 14 - Taco and then if the Board of burrito. 15 - Red is the color of love for me .. Therefore, it will be red. 16 - Hmmm ... It's OK to give up! 17 - I guess I'm going with Marilyn Monroe.A shame that had a short life. 18 - the love of the mountains and fresh air .. But the beaches are beautiful when it's hot too. I say, "so" .. 19 - Give me a hug Cher at any time. 20 - beautiful butterflies in all colors .. Ladybugs are cute, but I saw only 2 colors for them .. Orange and an unpleasant aspect green. Butterflies every way. 21 - I have to go with the stars .. Shooting Star, star, large and small in the sky .. Star is .. 22 - I like my fantasies, it makes me Alway from all the stress and live in this world of ours Maddness Up Loco .. It was a great pleasure, my friend. his friend, poppy1

How to add value and uniqueness of your scrapbook pages

How to add value and uniqueness of your book Pages

It is easy and affordable to add value and uniqueness of your book pages debris gemstones in bulk. Gemstones come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors, so it is very easy to integrate into any subject. I have been using stones valuable in my album pages for some time, and always encourage my friends and family. There are many advantages to the use of stones and valuable. Gemstones are very easy to apply with glue dots, which will never fade or tarnish and did not special technique to create a page very dramatic.
What I like about the use of precious stones in my craft projects is how easy it is to add the last pages, too. If you are like most scrapbookers already face stickers on their 3D creations that have rocks in plastic design. All you have to do is take care of the stones and replace the original plastic, and precious stones. Here are some ideas of how they used precious stones on my pages:

 Plaza sapphire butterfly and bee antenna advice
 Super Star page at the bottom of diamond
 Polk, one of the points in the Easter eggs
 Eye 3 animals
 Decorating a Christmas tree
Stone Pages 
 And more.

There are many other professions can be used gemstones and the possibilities are endless on what can be created. This Christmas, I'll be giving a shadow box frames scrapbook page accents with precious stones. They will be very special and unique gift!

I hope you enjoyed my article and Happy Scrapbooking!
And remember that gems of creation are only the beginning of wearing jewelry in their scrapbook!

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Dawn has enjoyed using Gemstones in her scrapbooking for quite some time. She has created a website to help people know that "Gemstone are not just for Collecting"

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