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What is a good craft to make for a 9 year old girl for her birthday?

i only have one day, today to make it. she is my little sister. yepp.
so here are some of the basic stuff i have:
hot glue gun
i can sew
i have like a yard of three kinds of polka dotted pink material
yarn in different colours(yellow and turquoise)
paper obviously
lots of buttons (i collect them)

and not food cause i'm already making her a cake, yes i no i'm the best 13 year old sister she could ever have:)

If she has a doll or stuffed toy make an outfit for it with the material and yarn. Another thing is that you could make a bed for the doll or toy. I have a friend whose 9 and would always love somthing to melp her orginize.

The Best Sewing Machine to Make Easy Sewing Projects

Buying Your First Sewing Machine 

By Arin Rollins at http://www.easysewingtips.com 

The first item you need to start sewing is a sewing machine! Here are a few tips on finding the perfect starter machine for you:

Begin simple - You do not need all the bells and whistles on your first machine. You won't want to have to sit down and read a 500 page manual just to learn how to thread the machine before you can even sew a stitch! I personally love the Brother brand of machines. They make a great starter model - the LS 2125i, for example. I have had better luck with Brother than with the comparable Singer model. The Singer model seemed to jam a lot and produced uneven stitches. Maybe I just had a lemon but when I bought another Brother machine I was very happy with the quality for the price (only $89!!)

Where should I get my first sewing machine? My suggestion is to go to Wal-Mart or Target. You can find a great machine under $99. You are welcome to go to a fabric store but you will probably pay much more. Wal-Mart usually has a great craft section that also carries simple sewing supplies. 

What functions should it have? Find one that has some basic stitches and button hole capabilities. Basic stitches include straight stitch, zig zag stitch, hem stitch. etc. All machines have tension control and stitch length dials which you can find out more about in your sewing machine's instruction manual. Remember, the simpler the machine, the simpler the instruction manual, and the faster you will be off and sewing!! Some machines will have a lot of stitches which look fun but can be overwhelming to a beginner. These machines are great for more advanced seamstresses, but I would stick to a simple machine to begin with. All the projects on my blog are made with my $89 machine from Wal-Mart!  

Read the instruction booklet - If you took my advice and bought a basic machine, leafing through the instruction booklet should take 15 minutes. It will give you instructions on how to thread the needle, wind the bobbin, and perform all other functions of the machine. For instance, if you want to try a zig zag stitch, go to the page that says "zig zag stitch" and it will tell you the recommended thread tension and stitch length settings for best results. 

So go get a great starter machine and get sewing! For more articles about all things sewing, visit me at http://www.easysewingtips.com. I guarantee you will be inspired and find some sewing projects you can make at home!

About the Author

I started sewing because in this age of “Made in China”, I love to give home-made gifts and make clothes and accessories for my family and friends. And in this economy, the money savings is a plus! Since I never have hours and hours of uninterrupted time to sit and sew, I love simple and fast sewing projects that I can start and complete in a weekend or even in an evening! That is what you will find on my blog… simple, fast, fun, and affordable sewing projects with clear instructions and plenty of pictures.


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