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What process is gone through when making a clay sculpture (pottery)?

like a vase, or a clay pot or something.

i know they also have this spinning wheel thing where you use to mold the clay and stuff..

and you list out the process like 1. abc.... 2. kjdkjd.... please?

im writing a story that includes pottery making. thanks for the help!! 😀
im sorry if the question is phrased in a very confusing way

The other answer is good. But some parts have a resting time between. Ceramics have a rhythm that can take a couple weeks to finish a piece. Some pieces take a lot longer. Some families have been so involved with ceramics that The current generation prepares clay for the grandchildren that have not been born yet.

When a piece is first made it is very soft. So the piece is left to dry.
Sometimes it is put in a drying cabinet to slow the drying.
The weather and time of year have a lot to do with drying.
Some try to hurry the process.

The piece is then trimmed.

Some under-glazes can be applied at this stage

The piece is allowed to dry for several days or longer.
The piece is then fired to a bisque state.

In the Bisque stage it can be sanded or an under-glaze can be applied.

A glaze would be applied.

The piece would then wait to go to a high fire.
Loaded in the kiln.
The kiln is fired. It will take a while for the kiln to cool down

Some people feel a little like Christmas morning when the kiln is opened and you see what the kiln does - If you are doing a higher firing like cone 10 in reduction the results are not always predictable.

The piece would normally be finished at this stage.


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