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Using cologne as candle fragrance?

Hello everyone, I hope you guys can help me out here. I am thinking of making a soy candle for my girlfriend for her birthday--soy because she is vegan, and I want to be sensitive to that with this gift. I have been trying to figure out what scent to make the candle, and I had been thinking about using the essential oils of flowers like lavender, but then I remembered that she really liked the way my cologne smells. I was hoping someone here could tell me if it is possible to use cologne as a candle fragrance when you make a candle, and if using soy wax would effect it adversely in any way. I realize that this is an odd question, but I appreciate any help that anyone can provide. Thank you very much in advance.

Cologne will not work with candles. If you actually managed to get any scent, it would be very weak. What you could do is check a fragrance oil dupe site and see if there is a dupe of your cologne. Then you could buy the fragrance oil (which usually works for both candles and bath and body products) and make the candle that way. You can buy fragrance oils anywhere, ebay is great place to check and compare prices. If you do decide to make bath products though, make sure that your oil is okay for them as well and is not only for candles. There are many oils that cannot work for both and trust me, you don't want to find out the hard way. The site below is the best one I know of. Just check under duplications and look for your cologne company.

Scented Candle Making


Smells Like Heaven in Here.

Nothing smells sweeter than the scent of a candle.  Some of us enjoy the scent while it's burning, others seem to be able to prefer the fragrance as the candle is put out. Once the candle fills the room with that wonderfully pleasant fragrance, it changes the atmosphere of the room, but also it is a great mood changer as well. You may have been feeling stressed and upset, you then light a candle and because of the calming aroma, feel relaxed and wound down from the stresses of your day.  You're looking at the in a better way now. Some people would say, "This is a Scent From God", and others may say "It Smells Like Heaven in Here". Whatever you say, you know that with fragrances the world is your oyster as there are many, many choices.

Scented Candle Aromas

You may find that a certain aroma of a candle is energizing.  You come home from a long, busy and tiring day dealing with clients at work and there's nothing better to catch the smell of the candle fragrance as the air current wafts it past your nose, especially when that fragrance came from a candle you hand-made yourself.

Candle Making Fragrance - Has an Effect.

If you want to your homemade candle making fragrance and candle creations to have that effect on you as well as others, then you need to check out all of the fragrance ranges available to you. Candle scents come in many flavours;  natural herbal varieties, liquid, and solid wax perfume chips. There are an endless amount of aromas available to you and an endless array of fragrances from which to choose from. You can buy from your local craft store or make your own using perfumes found in your house.

Don't settle for boring candles anymore give them some life with a fragrance. Choices for additive candle fragrances are everywhere. Check on an internet site to find more details, there are many sites available to you. And you can also check my site from the below. With help on tips and tricks for candle making and developing the best candles on the block.

Happy Candle Making!

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