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Making candles at home?

I wonder if there is a way to make your own candles at home with things that are already here as normal pots and pans etc. Apart from having to buy the kits sold in stores and Hobbie such.If I can do at home, how, what I can or websites that would tell me information on the manufacture of candles awesome.Any help!

Good news! There is no need to worry about all the expensive equipment in craft stores. You must buy the drill - you can not simply use ordinary rope, it burns the first time. Look for lead-free wick. It is relatively inexpensive and comes in a variety of thicknesses and lengths. For your melting pot, you can use an old stainless steel pot or a ceramic bathtub. It is best not to melt the wax directly on the fire, but only work if you keep on low heat and keep stirring constantly moving wax gently until it reaches a state of flux. For your wax, just to shave down (use an old cheese grater) old candles, and ask your friends and neighbors to give their old candles instead of throwing them away. You want to stay with any of the candles without aroma, such as candles or perfume - not everything is mixed you have. Some fragrances do not work and the result is a train wreck in the nose! For your own molds, cleaning chandeliers (glass) work best. You can also use a glass jar or bottle, or other heat resistant container. If you use a long-necked bottle, a glass bottle of Coca-Cola, wait until the candle completely harden (24 hours), then put the candle in the bottle in a pillow case and breaking the glass slowly away from the candle with a hammer metal out of the pillowcase (and out of the house!) Do not worry about Little pieces of glass, which is contained in the pillow case if (but usually breaks apart). In addition, spraying into the bottle lightly with cooking spray with normal wonders before pouring the wax. When not using long-necked bottles, completing all courses of the neck - just fill up where the cervix is beginning to write. The mold is easier to use away empty can juice - the juice cartons of frozen concentrated orange are waxed and comes off easily without damaging the sail. Also cool the plug and put a little faster than use of bottles. For color, believe it or not, the pencils are your best bet. Melt the wax in a little at a time until you get the desired color. For perfumes, scented candles use for your old crisis. You can also use scented oils, adding a few drops at a time until the desired strength. Add only if the decline - a candle too is not configured properly and burn too fast, perhaps become flammable itself. Use the least amount of fragrance is needed. You can also flavor with elements as natural dried rose petals on the floor, lemongrass, other herbs. Use small pieces so as not to endanger the candle burning. Another tip your hair - to encourage them to stay in place while you are casting, place a drop of melted wax on the lower base metal face of the lock and "glue" that in this way to the bottom of the container you use for our mold. Pour the melted wax slowly so as not to move the base of the wick, and also to avoid bubbles air to sailing. Ornaments can be done by taking small shells in the fire until hot (not burning), then press the sides of the sail, which they partially melt on the sail shape. You can also "paste" the dried leaves and flowers of the season out of a candle by dipping them in melted wax clear and pressing on the sides of the candle, then hold the wick of the candle and immerse once or twice in hot wax to a clear coat final closure, or brush the hot wax around the outside of the candle. Soaking is the easiest method if you use a large enough pan. And here's one last tip for you try: Use a ballpoint pen old template or a rounded end tool for carving intricate designs on the candle completed. You can even write a poem on the side, a favorite quote, name of a friend, what he wants. Then take a supplement crayon and pass through a flame a few times, catch the main peak (Remove the backing paper first!). Press mixture into the deign just carved crayon until you cover your model while wiping excess color on the fly. You can then have a good sail designed with multiple colors you will not find in stores! I hope this has helped, and if you can not tell if I am crazy sail!

Candle Making at home - make your own candles

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