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HELPPP! Is there an element, a compound or mixture? "

We learned the differences between elements, compounds, mixtures and had HARDEST time trying to understand some of these Out. I just can not get it! If you have any way to help me understand please tell me and I thank you soooo much. as Otherwise, tell me if each of them is an elem, a compound or a mixture. Paint starch sugar Detergent Gasoline ink air phosphorus calcium carbonate mud water calcium powder mixture of carbon dioxide specific drink blood cake iced tea lemonade candy bar paper with chlorine water carbon nitrogen gasified Marshmellow thanks (:

I'm sure everyone but you can compare the responses of others and see what makes more sense xD ink - a mixture of phosphorus - an element of air - a mixture of calcium carbonate - Composed of muddy water - mixture of powdered beverage mix - a blend of calcium - an element of concrete - a mixture of dioxide carbon - cake mix - mixture of compounds of iced tea - lemonade mix - mix of nitrogen - chlorine element - the element carbon - the element of Carbonated water - I mix left out that I have no idea: P

Homes creation and advanced 16

Chic of the symmetry of nature-inspired futurism, fireplaces have evolved from homes of land for the state of the art pieces of the conversation. Glass, metal and gas remote control is a very eco-conscious, like burning Registration is relegated to the heap of ashes.

1. Rotation of the Interior:

Supplied with optional remote control, This futuristic rotating heat Spartherm home radiates to every corner of the room like a sun in the solar system. Using gas, the diva can be changed the push of a button doubles as a skillet.

2. Oakland fire wall

Besides the visual impact, the asymmetrical design Single thus a fireplace, comfortable house and a visual feast. Enamel stone before washing comes in a range of bright colors to attract the artist in you to new heights.

3. Fireplace Design:

Inspired by nature, elegance Floral marble fireplace surround combines this serious and frivolous. Both austere and fun at the same time, the rectangular shape is plenty of space and light eyes at once.

Chazelles' juxtaposition of hot and cold makes an interesting dichotomy for each style = "target _blank" title = "lounge"> show.

4. Magritte by MCZ:

Made entirely of brushed Silva That half-built on the mantel was the internal heat of transparency, creating the illusion of an animated television screen.

The elegant and chic is built for around 90 degrees and can be mounted left or right side of a wall unit. Available in two sizes: 77 Shape: 170 × 96x80cm, Form 98: 190 × 85x80cm.

5. Vaune Ethanol Fireplace:

On foot, open fireplace, this world tour as a fireplace in an axis of 360 degrees, so you can see any where in the room. Powered by ethanol, which fills the flames and adjust the level of their choice without no soot or ashes to clean later.

6. Travelmate Mobile Fireplace:

Fret no more, if you do not have a fireplace and want the possibility of fire in each room during the winter. This fireplace smoke, burning through a powder-coated weatherproof is a glass frame magnetic allows the size of the flame should be regulated from outside.

Only 20 inches high, the fire can move where you want and please do not blame them for carbon emissions.

7. Vogue Wood Stove:

Closed by a large window, curved flames in the burn seem Austroflam futuristic invention ever. A warm memory system ensures that fuel consumption is reduced and the heat stored for longer than most.

8. Fireplace table:

Designed by Gido Wahrmann for Carl Mertens, this house is a short for two days imitate intelligent lighting. The records of little lights are stainless steel, mounted on a 10? x 14? Slate base, and the flames oil-based fuel. Those who thought campfire songs could not sit around the table?

9. Glass Fireplace:

Use wood or gas as a way, this elegant glass fireplace is designed to open your mind and expand living space elegant. Closed four panels of glass to eliminate smoke in the atmosphere, the home can be enabled or disabled by remote control.

The The gas burner has three safety stops, lighting adjustable base and a plate glass mirror below. Simple and Zen this model is presented in a pyramid or rectangular shape with clear or tinted glass.

10. FilioFocus:

Labor Atelier Dominique Imbert minimalist art can be free standing or mounted on the wall and uses wood or gas as fuel options. The fireplace gives a feeling of a large fireplace with a cone furnace and central fireplace, is aesthetic and functional at the time. Glass and steel combine to create an interesting interaction between serenity and action. Sheer genius.

11. Modern Fireplace:

For the ultimate in modern and functional EDILKAMIN check three geometric designs: the Art Acciaio, the Art Wenge and Kubik. Solid and simple, each cell is integrated as a focal point in a cabinet effortlessly as platforms which complement storage.

Choose according to the mood of your room: all Acciaio art brush has a durable steel, the Art Wenge is entirely covered in wenge wood and has a steel surface Kubik painted charcoal gray.

12. Cyclone:

An intriguing cross between a natural and synthetic fire, the gas fireplace cyclones are Fire a key decorative element of the house. Only gas emissions to 15,000 BTU stove Cyclone is both fuel and practices, while providing flame screen, twisted together.

Can be operated by remote control, the cyclone system is presented as a prefabricated copper around either a brushed or polished nickel and has a view of 360 degrees.

13. Radio & Scandium:

The emulation of a Plasma TV, radio and Scandium catalytic vent-free gas fireplaces are designed specifically for attics or rooms where ventilation may be installed.

Use of catalytic converter technology, which means that the clean hot air as it leaves the combustion chamber, these vents little free gas can be installed anywhere a gas line is available.

14. Planika Fireplace:

An immaculate example of fire without smoke, the book contains Planika flickering flame in the glass designs to create an inspirational focal point in any room of your choice.

Ideal if you have no chimney or vent, eliminate odors, soot and smoke and generates little carbon dioxide breathe like a human being. The circular design, which fits into a pre-cut coffee table or a cart, made an interesting decor.

15. Home Flame Collection:

Made of steel double wall stainless steel with a ceramic sponge in the center, this camera patented Combustion creates a large, common set of flames and ensure that the last drop of bio-ethanol is burned.

The combustion chamber as ingenious can be placed in a fireproof container and creates the state of the art style when placed on objects such Michael Rösing developed.

16. Greed of silence:

A Glorious make the fire inside, greed silence is both a home and furniture. Surrounded by wooden planks to support five chairs, star design gives the impression of floating.

Each 'leaf chair is able to turn around the fire to the desired position. The focal point is not unlike a giant fondue is equipped with a chimney to ensure all the smoke is eliminated.


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