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Cute names for a business? ?

I'm opening a small boutique. We will be selling items such as: hair bows, flower pens, bottle caps (magnets and necklaces) bracelets, cards, flower clips, other types of magnets, and other items along those lines. It's girls. A lot of bedazzled things and things for young girls. Please give me some ideas for business names. Thank you in advance 🙂

Well, using the word you used - bedazzled - why not go with "Bedazzle Me" or "Bedazzler"?

Other ideas:

Sweet and Innocent or Puppy Love

(yes, they are song names, but they emit the idea of a pre-teen experience, you know, that stuff you share with your closest friends)

Emily's Embellishments

(okay, your name's not Emily, but it says that they are for girls. Embellishments from the extra ornaments that are put on scrapbook pages to make them personal and unique.)

My Special Collections

Sarah's Special Collections

(Again, you may not be Sarah, but it says 'girl')

Good luck with your business, whatever name you choose.


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