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At Die Cut Machines your source for Die Cutting Machines and Crafting Supplies we hope the Car Badge Iron products and information here meets your needs.

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I'm auctioning off my top contributor badge what will you give me for it?

I don't accept money, only the barter system. Please be as unique and imaginative as you can.

Hmmm OK I have to say I'm pretty desperate to be a top contributor! So my offer is as follows;
1. Housework done for the next month (this includes ironing, vacuuming, polishing and breakfast in bed!)
2. My Bsc (Bachelor of Science) in Sociology and Social Work and my Msc (Master of Science) in Social Work. (I merely explained the initials because I don't know if you have the same degree system in the USA as we do in England) You also get to put these letters on your letterhead if you have one, which leads me to my next offer....
3. My letterhead, and business cards, edited so that they have your name on.
4. Free accommodation in the lovely city of Manchester should you ever wish to visit England, for as long as you want and for you and up to 2 other people.
5. Everything in my liquor cabinet (which includes malt whiskey, Jack Daniels, Southern Comfort, Bombay Sapphire Gin, Tequila and Absolut Vodka [I am not an alcoholic! I just have a lot of alcohol, and a lot of friends!]
6. My car, which is an Audi TT.
7. If all else fails, my soul

The secret of neodymium Properties

Neodymium magnets are rare earth magnets, known for its strength and power. When properly managed, can pose serious dangers. Often referred to as neo magnets, NdFeB or NIB, rare earth neodymium permanent magnets are composed of a alloy of neodymium, boron and iron.

Recently, the magnet holds the title to be the strongest type of permanent magnet. He also a metallic appearance. Neodymium Applications are numerous. Are used in various industries, medicine and health, education, and as useful tools.

When it comes to applications, magnetic Neodymium is used to manufacture magnetic separators, magnetic filters ionizers and magnetic. Also used in the security industry for the manufacture of alarm systems, switches and systems security.

Although the benefits of computer Neodymium magnets to the industry in the manufacture of computer hard drives, applications for telephony, television, video applications and sensor chip. The companies that built the generators are highly dependent on manufacturing Neodymium strong generators. The power generators depends on the power of magnets.

Manufacturers oil filters that use magnets to separate the effective filters Fill iron or other metal fragments from the oil. Devices such as metal detectors containing the rare earth magnet.

Machines and used to attach tarps to cover the machinery and automobiles. It can also be used to make belts or tool for making the doll pacifier cellar. Accessories Fashion Designers using neodymium to make jewelry earrings and brooches. If you are looking for a magnet to hold the badge in place without having to point forward, magnets you can trust.

Neodymium rare earth is used in the healthcare industry, to relieve symptoms and relieve pain caused by health problems like arthritis. These permanent magnets have healing capabilities and are often called healing magnets.

They are also used in the manufacture of magnetic resonance imaging analysis equipment. During space flights, NASA used These rare earth magnets that astronauts can maintain muscle tone.

They are used for experimental research purposes. Neodymium magnets are small, but great in strength, making it easy to carry anywhere and anytime. In addition, because of their small size, industry toy use this magnet for children and adult toys.

There are many features to differentiate other neodymium magnets. It has a very high resistance to demagnetization due to its natural attribute of being the strongest permanent magnet. Unlike other Neodymium magnets types of affordable land rare. There are two reasons why many industries use this magnet.

Neodymium magnets require low operating temperature for heat applications. If the temperature is high, which can easily ignite. Neodymium inspired new applications in areas where magnets were used.

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