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Construction of identity: logo

Author: Kristi Woods

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You are very excited about his new company. You've written your business plan, obtained financial support, he chose a trade name, the presentation of the appropriate legal documentation (With or without the assistance of a lawyer), and returned to its tax identification number. Are you for Real - You have just given birth to her baby and now wants to tell the world about him, like a proud papa (mama )....

And now?

Unfortunately there are still pieces of the puzzle very critical to be thoughtful when you're ready for the rubber to hit the road. The thing more important initially, it is their logo. All begin with (and should) include the logo - which is what we hope will become widely recognized and respected, to tell their story. It will be on your business card, website, and even the label as a result of trades (some of us) - Important information! Logos good draw or observation or for more clearly convey the meaning without much analysis. You marry this logo for a good long time to choose (and design!) Appropriately.

Important Note: It can be really (really!) The temptation to call a friend or parent that you believe is an artist "good" and seek help to break ground with a logo. Why not? They can be as enthusiastic about his new company, drawing with crayons Ligers great confidence, and we all know that insurance is cheap (or believe so)! I can not begin to tell you how many customers came to see me at the end of the rope for the same reason. I really thought it was the right way forward for help Spread some emotional ownership and enthusiasm of his new company by people artistically inclined, including their camp process. But it can be a surprisingly frustrating, time-consuming task, and if someone has not created and logos, and are not students in game design can turn horribly cons. talent and business acumen in the center must meet in this area, and that takes a special kind of designer. So my advice, choose to keep your friends and family - the logo of outsourcing!

If you still think you want to take a crack at it, make sure read my points of simple advice to you, brave DIY manufacturer's logo. And hey, if it is large and his cousin Sally is the great hero, let me know. I like being wrong. It's good for my soul.

Design-Elements 1: Keep the design simple parts of your logo and visually clear. Avoid excessive effects, shading, super fine lines or complications. Look at the design of a critically and be sure to show others how you truck on the perspective. You can see a silo picturesque. You can see some X-rated. Keep deliberately cautious For best results (except if your company is in the opposite direction, which is also fun).

2-copy: Again, simple is best. If your company name is "Miller, Smith, Bob Barker & Associates" does everyone a favor and use msbb & A in its logo. Do not label long lines slogan or logo. In most marketing facilities will not be added that in his case (as in a sheet of letterhead, you can included at the bottom or elsewhere strategic or otherwise).

3-Color Scheme: Too many colors in a logo can make it look unprofessional, and fills the view. Stick with two colors - three at most. Be careful to avoid color combinations well known (such as plans for the colors NFL brand of equipment, or combinations of colors common if you enter a competitive market). Less is more .... If you're not selling the rainbow. In this case, throw in a unicorn and some glitter and call it a day.

Font-Option 4: There is no psychology in the choice of sources. It sounds nerdy, but true. For example, the source of the Wendy's logo is a former Police. They sell "hamburgers the old. It fits. Type Twitter can be a kind of funky and progressive. And Twitter. Most are very traditional banking sources, square and solid research (ironically). Companies using the fonts or writing are usually intended for Imams chicken, and are not selling t-shirts and Koozie Steelers can. I think you get what I mean. Choose three against five, that you love playing with them and adding effects bold, italics and spacing. The possibilities are endless. Whatever path you choose for the source, be sure to choose a font that is easy to read! It is the most important. And if Please, only one font for the logo. Any more than that will give readers a headache.

5-practical: it is by far the overriding principle logo design often overlooked. Your logo will be used not only on its Web site, print advertisements, letterhead, business cards, on the side a bus, etc., but also it will be the conclusion on embroidered clothing, screen printing presses, and promotional items (pens, mini bottles of products solar keychain and more). The more complicated the logo (think shading, effects, thin lines) the most expensive of all these interpretations of the logo to be practice.


-Be sure to ask your designer is to provide a family of logos Once the final design is completed and accepted. Think you belong to one color, black and white, grayscale, and a vertical orientation horizontal.

-Ensure your contract to design specific releases all files original design for your logo to return - And keep them in triplicate. I can assure you I have seen several times in an advertising agency will "take hostage a logo" after a disagreement or dissolution of an employment relationship. This also happens when companies go out of business - logo files go bye-bye. It is not always easy (or cheap) to the exercise of reconstructing a logo zero. Protect your investment.

Don 't allow- a designer to tell you what you want to puff! You will be married in this for the rest of his life (if you're lucky and your business develops.) The last thing we need is to spend eternity hate the logo that resembles the face every day the store opens, Turn on the computer or unlock the file. Take the time and resources to do so from the beginning. It may be tempting to draw a logo and Quick start card Visit printed. Patience is the key to this exercise.

And one last tip ... avoid changing its logo and change your underwear! The only time you need to do is if you are sued, he changed his name, or if they are reinventing / re-branding of their company completely. Do not do it because I saw a source who like and want, or choose your new hair color clashes with the logo of your home, ... or is it a Tuesday. Good luck!

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