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At Die Cut Machines your source for Die Cutting Machines and Crafting Supplies we hope the Card Making Kit products and information here meets your needs.

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Craft of the house - please help - ideas welcome!?

Looking for craft ideas at home, I have a hec of a lot of cards making supplies, embellishments, vellum I have a toolbox of art and many more things I've acquired over the years ... I made some cards, but I'm running no ideas! Someone has ideas are decent? in search of new inspiration!

I saw something good in this boat book once I take a newspaper and make paper flowers comics; looked really cool. if you have scrapbooking paper you can probably do. Or maybe I should try to cut (sp?) In a vase or something. It would be really cool. I hope these will give you some ideas! Boat Happy 🙂

How to make a personalized Christmas card?

Are you tired of sending Christmas cards with bells, Santa Claus and Christmas tree Christmas? Want to create a better Christmas card and also for yourself?

It is hard to measure the Christmas photo cards. The best time to get material for the manufacture of a card during the Christmas season last year. You must pick up small Medals, ribbons, newspaper clippings and many other things out of magazines, labels, gift wrapping paper and all things I'm the waste for you.

After collecting the material, stored in special craft chest. If you wish, you can divided into different themes and individually. It is now time to decide when to take the cards. Well, it depends on the remaining time for Christmas and the number of cards you may have.

You'll also need a card for cutting, folding and Manufacture of blank card or get a map made with envelopes white, which is easier. Consult your local craft store for options.

Now it is his turn to choose the background. White and cream are both always good and most preferred options because you can use different colors in these funds. If you want the card is a bit flashy, try a red or green.

You can buy stickers Peel-off with greetings like "Merry Christmas". They can give a hint final map. You also can write a greeting with diamonds, pens, gel pens and other colors. It took more traditional la carte.

Do you want a look at his 2nd card? If Yes, then select adhesive pads, giving a slightly elevated for images and highlighted lightly. You can also buy or mulberry paper designed to give a Christmas card for more creativity.

Consequently, he searched the house and store all kinds of work, but not finding good material for the manufacture of the card. Shortcut is to buy a Christmas card made kit. Includes blank cards, colors, small accessories that will give a great look on your map.

If we are talking tools needed to make a map, just a pair of scissors, a ladder and glue. Will preferable to use a glue stick, and you can apply glue in thin small decorations.

It is time to sit down and crazy with your imagination. Try different designs and if they do not work not, the scope is always endless. You'll probably end up making a beautiful Christmas card yourself.

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