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What is the value of Jordan Map Michael retirement game worth it?

It is almost new in perfect condition. The box is virtually unscathed. He still has the label of the NBA. Does anyone out there a big collector M? This collection is the top cover and is dated January 13, 1999. Hope that helps.

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The problem of

Getting the most from selling on eBay can be a tricky business. There are many people on eBay these days so how can you ensure that your bids get the money they deserve. I was playing Magic the Gathering for more 10 years and have been buying and selling Magic cards on eBay I find most of this period. I learned many secrets that the average user eBay tend to not know or ignore. Maximize your profits from eBay, here's an idea of ​​what is possible.

The Basics

One of the most important things to know your sales process is that you need to market your product much more, first, nobody is your article, and the second Instead, if you find your item, you will not be interested enough to purchase the item. The key is in the optimization tools available in eBay to market their products to their full potential. The following reasons can be used to maximize its potential for sale on eBay and help you succeed card market Gathering Magic:

Use keywords in your title - Sounds simple, but it is amazing how many people this is wrong. You must ensure that the title of every article accurately describes your item, and announce leaving as much as possible. You have only a small number of characters for the titles of articles, 55 in total, then count - use as possible. Make sure you have as many of the following terms in their titles as possible:

  • Magic
  • MTG
  • Magic the Gathering
  • Card name
  • Card game
  • Quantity
  • aluminum foil (if applicable)
  • Bulk (if applicable)

Always have a bonus element in the sale - an important thing to remember is that your articles are good for promotion inbred. However, this premium may be a rare or mythic rare prosecution, a library large majority, or a particular role - they are all attract many buyers to their auctions. Once a people search in your auction, you can be sure they go take a look at your other auctions also, so we have this little gem is vital.

Make sure you have an auction listed on My world - everyone has a website My world are aware or not is your personal advertising space on eBay. The world can select My an auction of features you want to attract people - used to promote the auction of the premium above and people gather to your bids!


Add to these three simple tips to try with the next batch of sales on eBay. It amazing the difference these three simple tips can make their efforts to sell the cards on eBay Magic Meeting.

Want to know more?

Need help selling your Magic the Gathering cards?

Need help identifying what set your Magic the Gathering cards come from?

Need to find a full Magic the Gathering (MTG) set list?

You can find many helpful guides and resources, including a full list of all the MTG sets, at How to Sell MTG Cards.

Now you've started to find out how to maximise your efforts to sell Magic the Gathering cards on eBay, go to to find out much more and take your knowledge and selling to the next level.


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