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I have like 30 letters there is a craft I can do with them?

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organize them into a windmill and laminated to be used as a placemat is an article that shows a lot of ideas

Make your own Christmas cards

Are you tired of sending the same old Christmas cards representing bells boring and monotonous goodies year after year? Have you ever thought that could improve the design of Christmas cards yourself? Why not have one this year?

The best time to start collecting materials to make Christmas cards during the Christmas season and the habits of the previous year. Collect as many seasonal cuts, ribbons, bows and ornaments little paper as possible in magazines, packaging, labels, gift cards Christmas Advent calendars ... the list is long - you do not go very far for inspiration during the period Christmas.

Once you have gathered all your documents, store it in a special box art. You can divide the literature on various topics and put it in Individual drawer chest in the trade.

You can then decide when to start making cards for next Christmas. This will depend on how time all year you want to do and how - do you want a card for everyone on your Christmas card list or just close friends and family?

Before you start making cards, will buy a card to cut, fold and create your own blank card or blank card and envelope in - is the quickest and easiest. Looking for the paper crafts, card making part of eBay for good value packs of cards and blanks matching envelopes or try your local craft store.

White or cream is a good background color, allowing you to use a variety color on top, but should not be limited to this color, can be as creative as you want. Red and green as good background colors for cards Christmas.

You can also buy stickers Peel-off that are greetings like "Merry Christmas, Happy Christmas, etc. They are useful for give your cards a final touch, but are not essential, because I could write a hello with a silver gel pen, for example, whether to include a message Home on the front of the card at all.

Sticky pads are another useful addition to your kit crafts Christmas card making. These small foam pads with adhesive on both sides give certain images a slightly raised, which allows them to stand out from the map a bit. They are excellent for giving more importance to mistresses.

You can also buy other materials such as hand mulberry paper, but they are not necessary if you have accumulated much of their own equipment for Christmas.

Alternatively, if you no materials to make cards, you could buy a Christmas card made kit. It will include several blank cards, and the number of bits and pieces can be used to design and make cards. It may even have suggested designs and instructions are great if you need a little inspiration.

Regarding tools, the only essential tools are a pair of scissors, a ruler and some glue. A feather from the tail is very useful because it allows you to apply glue very finely to small decorations.

Now the fun begins ... sit and let your imagination run wild. Try different layouts of the cards without sticking to the bottom. If a design does not work, discard and start over, but not too critical - the idea is fun. Some models are better than others, but it will not develop your own style, if you do not give free rein to their creativity.

As a final touch, add a small label on the back saying 'handmade by ...' These labels are available for purchase or you can print from your computer. If people like your cards, you may have on the orders of the cards for next year and before you know, you will need to configure its own card-making. You can even sell your surplus cards to friends, local groups and trade shows or even line. eBay is a good place to start to sell handmade items online.

If they start to sell their cards, keep in mind you can sell your original creations. If you have copied the design of other, be it a book, magazine, website or other sources, can be sold, it would be a breach of copyright, unless otherwise expressly stated it was a free design law.

So sit back, relax and enjoy a creative exercise in preparation for Christmas. The reward may be greater than anticipated.

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