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Aquamarine â € "March gems Ocean Dreams

Aquamarine is a semi-precious frequently incorporated into some facts at hand the latest fine jewelry in the world. It is found most often in shades of blue ocean, and is widely recognized as the stone and the stone for March 18th anniversary. But beyond its modern uses and associations, aquamarine holds a decadent mythological, spiritual and etymological history that adds nostalgic value to its already strong aesthetic value. Read on for more information to help you fall in love with her jewelry aquamarine â € "or source of inspiration to buy today!

The beautiful Aquamarine is semi-precious blue-green light for vibrant blue variety of species beryl, which makes it a relative emerald. The name aquamarine is derived from the Latin for water sea "Aqua" means water and "Marina" is translated into the sea This seems especially appropriate for aquamarine ice there is little intense blue-green shades of blue, reminiscent of the sea also believes that embody the spirit of the sea, which was considered a symbol of purification, youth and eternal happiness.

The tones and light blue, said to evoke feelings of trust, harmony and sympathy. The Blues only one that shows the aquamarine is supposed to represent eternity and life giving properties, as it is, after all, the color of both the sea and the sky.

Aquamarine gemstones look best as parts of jewelry evening when paired with black onyx beads, black or dark blue sapphire. More casual combinations are lighter, bridal colored combinations with quartz, rough diamonds or pearls. To view a selection of handcrafted jewelry, handmade with aquamarine, here . Aquamarine is typically considered a sophisticated stone works well with any outfit. On the slopes, works especially well to brighten the eyes blue or green.

According to legend, the origin Aquamarine in a treasure chest of mermaids. Throughout history, Aquamarine Roman fisherman have used as a protection against water, as precious stone is supposed to give strength and confidence. Aquamarine powers are said to grow better if the stone is immersed in the sunlit water. Achievement Aquamarine is also believed to ensure a happy marriage, therefore, is not only the proud owner, but also rich.

Mostly mined in Brazil, China and Pakistan, Aquamarine is the stone referred to in March. It is also the zodiac sign Pisces assigned GEM, and for the 18th anniversary. This gem is often cut in the form of facets, smooth cabochons, beads and sculptures.

The Mohs hardness score is based on a 10-point scale where 10 points is the most resistant, like a diamond and 1 is easily scratched, such as talc. Aguamarina score of 7.5-8, meaning that it is very scratch resistant and therefore suitable as a component of jewelry. Aquamarine stones must be cleaned regularly by a professional or with a soft cloth and mild soap and water or an ultrasonic cleaner. Avoid solvents and harsh chemicals to clean your jewelry as exposure these elements can damage semi-precious and precious stones and pearls.

Learn all the semi-precious gemstones such amethyst, apatite, black onyx, blue topaz, carnelian, chalcedony, citrine, coral, garnet, white topaz, crystal, diamond, emerald, Iolite, jade, labradorite, moonstone, pearls, peridot, prehnite, rose quartz, ruby, sapphire, smoky topaz, tanzanite, tourmaline, turquoise and when you look at href = "" Gemstone> graphic.

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