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Strategies for pre-K 10-K for growth


Strategies for pre-kindergarten 10-K for growth

By: A. Troy Johnson

Argosy University

MSM Program


Marketing Children can sometimes be controversial, but there are many advantages for this sector. Positioning and pricing for the highest $ 4.17 U.S. offers several hundred million market. This market has a potential for profit youth and are willing to try new products. They can be reached through multiple devices, because they are usually the most intelligent technologies in all sectors. "Young people shape also the buying habits of their families. Vacation Options Buying cars on food choices, exercising enormous power over the pocket of the family. "(Calvert, 2008) Understanding the influence of this group of people can purchase marketing services Web design ads for companies that effectively capture market share.

Analysts must be aware that advertising to Minors usually comes with the stigma of exploitation and rule that the advertised product in general should have a certain advantage tangible for this age group among youth. casino advertising for children, for example, could generate negative PR. But there are some drawbacks advertising to young people. Mainly young people are not responsible for ultimate decision, when it comes to big purchases, regardless their apparent influence. marketing strategists must take into account the level of children have an influence on a product. Once the level of influence has given the budget Marketing can be allocated to these ads.

Advertising to children requires experience in business marketing and a basic understanding of behavioral psychology. Watch for tools such as famous actors and characters characters cartoons to deliver his message. For example, "Right to use cartoon characters like SpongeBob popular television, Nickelodeon, Bob, who are authorized for awards to businesses, helping us to sell products ranging from cereals to vacation, while the animated characters like Tony the Tiger as a spokesperson for a specific product in this case, Frosted Flakes Kellogg's. Similarly, the character Ronald McDonald is used to sell the brand McDonald's, including Happy Meals, and recently acquired a new role as a fitness guru. "(Calvert, 2008), McDonald's uses its figure to increase awareness through repetition and his obsession with new pet with the ability to help shape the perception public. In conclusion use advertising that is targeted to children can help complete the campaign of a business strategy.


Calvert, Sandra L.

Children as Consumers: Advertising and marketing.

Future children

, Spring2008, Vol. 18 Issue 1 P205-234, 30p

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