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All, 410 fans out there?

I am not a hunter, but would not have a, 410 as a field gun Plink / / gun cabinet. I know, I I know - Size 12 and 20 meters are more efficient and less expensive to shoot. The negative, 410 are well known (limited number of expensive ammunition, etc.) but what the virtues This cartridge so discredited?

you know, I have learned to hunt with a rifle, 410, coached my wife, and each of my children, especially rose to most of the guns. I had an old model SxS backpackers folded in half and place in the bag very well. I was carrying a box of cartridges for it in a pocket side and had 4 shells closed loop on my backpack strap. I ate horrible year highs thanks to Travel and old packing 410, and can not count the quails, cocks, hens Rabbit sage and put in the pot. Still a couple of old, 410 more than .22 LR "survival" of weapons that I bougth for years and keep it in my "take and go "emergency bag. If the shells are expensive but are always fun and slugs are available to them today also. Heck, I think I to take, 410 ex back safe, dust, and go burn some rounds this weekend! Thank you for bringing to mind! Shoot safe

Camp Kitchen and security

childhood memories of camping with our families often bring smiles and a bath of nostalgia in us. Now you have your own family, it's your turn to let your kids an experience of time camping and Britain have their own memories of camping at home and cherish.

However, make a camping trip one time the family has nothing to do with fun and games. These good food and hiking. Of course, you must bring your family a nice place to camp and camp activities to create exciting and wonderful and games them, but also one of the most important aspects of camping that be overlooked is the safety of the camp.

Security during the period camp, including cooking time with their stoves Coleman is one of their responsibilities you should look for a camping trip. Here are some safety you can follow to ensure your family camping holiday fun and safe.

• Never leave children especially the younger ones too close camping stove or grills for cooking. If you want help, can help prepare the ingredients or making beverages.

• Educate your family to stop, drop and roll "method of putting out a fire in the clothes. Direct them to things to do in case of scenarios where fire is concerned. Make sure you know how important it is to remain calm in order to better respond to emergencies.

• It is preferable storage of flammable liquids in safety boxes and not metal, away from your tent, recreational vehicle or any source of heat or flame. Be sure to close the bottle cap tightly.

• Recharge your oven at a safe distance away any source of heat.

• When pouring flammable liquids, use a funnel to prevent spills. Clean up spills immediately.

• Use the recommended fuel for your stove. Do not improvise or use an alternative unless the kitchen manual who is authorized to use an alternative fuel. Use only as directed.

• If the need to change a cartridge of compressed gas or filling a container of liquid fuel into play, cool the pan before doing so.

• Turn on your stove Coleman on a flat surface. If surface is uneven or if there is snow, you can do is put on the upper solid plywood to keep the heat from the stove and minimize the risk be reversed.

• Check the heating pipes and tanks and parts damage. Make sure no valves bent, cracks in pipes or bare stage, which can cause dangerous leaks.

• It is always a good idea to keep the tank fuel away from the stove for camping.

• Never leave a camping stove.

• Dispose of empty fuel containers properly.

• Never use the Coleman stove in his tent.

• Containers of fuel Label Therefore, to avoid confusion with bottled water.

• Read and follow the instructions for use Coleman stoves.

Incidents your child gets a burn soup hot or burn your light the stove certainly ruin a camping trip. Remember, a good memory camping time is wonderful union of the family, great campsite, spectacular views and sumptuous cuisine feast, but surely.

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