Cartridge Camp

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Cartridge Camp

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One problem with weapons of refillable CO2 cartridge in a youth camp? Specifically inlays?

Miro medalist use Daisy 888 CO2 powered pellet guns at a camp in the beginning. I heard that there may be problems with these weapons require frequent cleaning. If anyone has any experience in the use of any firearms with CO2 CO2 refillable, please let me know how it worked with you ...


Michael Webster: Investigative journalist

Quoting unnamed federal officials and the local newspaper El Universal of Mexico, has reported pirate on a Saturday edition Friday, for its appliance factory in the prefecture of 12 floors, but accidentally exploded 200 meters away.

The blast blew out windows in apartment buildings, damaged several cars and caused the panic in the region of La Rose America Mexico City.

El Universal identified the Sinaloa cartel led by Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman and the Beltran Leyva brothers, as "intellectual authors" of the attack failed.

The suspicion is that this is a type of terrorist attack by a suicide bomber as possible, and death was the cause of the explosion. Mexico City police chief Joel Ortega during an interview television Friday night, said the man died in the explosion was a long dress with a Sweat Suit. He said the attacker probably planned to place the device and then remove his tuxedo to deceive the people of surveillance cameras for security.

An old man 22 years believed to have accompanied the bomber was seriously injured in the explosion and could be the key to the investigation said Chief Ortega.

Mexican media said the woman lived in a neighborhood awash with illegal drugs and an operation near the Sinaloa cartel arrested past week by officials of Mexico.

Mexican authorities are not sure that this attack was a suicide or simply a terrorist. Experts suicide bomb attack on a military target or civilian, in which an attacker intends to kill others, knowing that it is certain or more likely to die in the process. Most vests suicide bomb attached to their bodies and detonate the bomb. This means of attack have included vehicles filled with explosives, passenger planes transporting large quantities of fuel, and people with vests full of explosives. Synonyms include murder suicide bombings, martyrdom operations, predatory martyrdom. Strictly speaking, an attack can not be considered as a suicide if the attacker is not killed (although perhaps hope and intend to be), or if is some Asked if his intention is to be killed, even if the attack is sure to kill them.

A Mexican official senior military officers has ruled out the use of soldiers to reinforce security in the Mexican capital, because he believed it was apparently a failed attack against the headquarters of the police to the suspect who blew himself up and injured his female accomplice.

Minister Navy Sayner Francisco discounted speculation that drug gangs orchestrated the attack in response to a series of attacks against them in Mexico City, which has been relatively immune from the violence of the cartels.

"They do not attack strategic installations," said Mr. Sayner reporters after a ceremony for the Navy. "They use other methods.

However, Arturo YaƱez, who trains detectives in Mexico City and worked under federal law, said the attempt was too fond of the drug cartels sophisticated which have made surgical strikes against top right of repression.

A suspect is likely that the Popular Revolutionary Army or EPR, Mr. Yanez added.

The EPR declared a campaign against government facilities last year, demanding that two of its leaders be released from federal custody. Although federal officials say they are both men.

Meanwhile, violence continued in Mexico City and the northern border towns. In La Jornada, local legislators have asked the governor Baja California to urgently consider the security "of the state public system" because the levels of violence in this border region .. Deputy Carlos Barboza pointed out that companies and NGOs complain rising kidnappings in Tijuana, Ciudad Juarez, Mexicali and the border towns. He added that this increase in violence harms society and families. "Nobody is immune from its consequences." By Furthermore, law and order have been overwhelmed by what is urgent to find a solution with the participation of various sectors of society and politicians. He described as "alarming" the week's end, during which it conducted a series of kidnappings, shootings and homicides.

Today, in the Chronicle of Mexicali, three federal agents in Mexico, who had just arrived in Tijuana have been kidnapped Their bodies were found yesterday morning in a dirt road on the outskirts of Tecate, Baja California, the three had their hands tied behind his back and his head was wrapped with tape. They were all shot in the head and the empty shells of bodies are covered with anti-AK47 rifle.

The chief of police of Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Juan Jose Muniz Salinas, was arrested by Mex. The Federal Police and was moved to Mexico. Well not being formally charged, his arrest was based on a belief that was protecting the "Zetas" thugs. Installation frequency police radio is also suspected of being compromised and are under study.



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Article Source: - Terrorist Bomb Intended for 12-story Police Headquarters in Mexico City


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