Cartridge Tear

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Cartridge Tear

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My marathon is 3 weeks. I just received my results from MRI of the knee back and said:?

The literal meniscus demonstrates coordination normal. The medial meniscus is intact. patellar cartilage showing subtle diffuse edema in the axial image chodromalacia mean minimum. Patellar erosion is the cartridge. A slight lateral patellar tilt said. Conclusion: Subtle is chondromalacia patella. N Chondromalacia seen in the common internal and external compartments, not the meniscus or ligament injury is evident. If I ever expect to run a marathon in 3 weeks?

Your doctor has told you not to argue with the results? Someone should have sat with you to explain the observations. However, busy-busy, the medical community is these days, it was not always the case. Chondromalacia of the patella is commonly called "runner's knee", although commonly found in many other sports like soccer, tennis, etc., where the knee are under stress. It is a degenerative disease of the cartilage surface on the back of the kneecap and can cause discomfort or dull pain around or behind of the patella. In its early stages, the symptoms can be completely reversible, provided there was no structural damage in the knee. The conclusion describes your MRI chondromalacia patella subtle, but not in other compartments of the knee joint without apparent damage to the ligaments or meniscus. So it seems no structural damage evident in the knee and probably have mild patellar cartilage wear. I suppose you had a persistent pain that led to MRI. This could be the result of wear and tear on your marathon training. The high mileage that leads to pre-race taper often results in stress-related injuries or discomfort. Unfortunately, only you can answer the question of whether or not to run. It is not uncommon to feel some pain or discomfort during the execution, but must ask two questions .... 1) Can we tolerate the discomfort to 26.2 miles? 2) Does the pain make me change my natural career to compensate? Based on the results of the MRI, if you can run without favoring the affected leg and the pain is not huge, I'd say go ahead and run. But if not, is better than cure properly and participate in a race to push too hard in significant damage and cause. The most useful thing you can do between now and the race is rest. If you follow a training program, consider adding more days of rest and reduce the weekly mileage. Three weeks is long enough to treat most minor injuries, provided that you rest well. Your fitness level will not fall significantly at this time if you miss a few workouts. Good luck!

Did you know that flash memory is available now that are bulletproof, waterproof, shock resistant, or even the size of a credit card? Do you often carry a knife or a pen? What if your pocket knife or pen had a USB flash drive built in?

If you need something for business or pleasure, a good flash drive can make all the difference. Many of us depend on our flash drives for enterprises, but mainly many other types and kinds of flash drives out there. For now, lets concentrate on the cold flashes available, namely the flash drive that fits their needs best.

Many people simply buy the flash drive, because of immediate need. The difference between a flash drive and flash drive free in their additional features.

Dane-Elec 1GB Dog Tag External Hard Drive - Black

This particular flash drive is unique because it can be used as well and custom. For some this is an important feature, especially for those who are hard on electronics. In general, a standard flash drive not very well maintained throughout the wear and tear. For these reasons, Dane-Elec's Dog Tag Flash Drive is a great gift for the father, half or even a work colleague.

SanDisk 1GB Cruzer Profile Biometric USB Flash Drive (SDCZ5-1024, Retail Package)

For those who are big on safety is one of the best tools for the use of information storage. This flash drive not only have fresh information, but it also includes a fingerprint reader built into it. You can use this device to keep your billing information and security. Today, nearly one third of the population to pay some bills online; Similarly, identity theft is at its highest point. In addition to not save your passwords in your Internet browser, can also keep your account statements insurance in this flash drive biometric.

eXpansys Memory 1GB Flash Drive

If you make a few more appliances and equipment through its daily average, you May consider this particular flash lead. He is thin and fits into grooves on the standard credit card in most purses. This also big business-oriented gift and a great tool. Simply make a habit of keeping your information in your portfolio may also help to avoid forgetting important data.

SwissBeat Victorinox MP3 Player 1GB

Most people who work hard for their livelihood needs at least a little pick-me-up throughout your day. What's better than having a bunch of music to help accelerate the time-out during the day. With this Cool flash drive that not only a device that contains the information but also an MP3 player and a pocket knife. The knife is more likely that the main characteristic of this custom flash drive, but whatever your daily routine is an excellent complement to their own gadgets.

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