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Model car paint help?

Ok, so I just finished a very good '71 'Cuda Plymouth car model. Main is painted in a pearl grapes in the dark acrylic model. I found some gloss varnish that I would use the car to keep small nicks scratches min n (I have 3 cats, nothing remains intact on the shelves with cats around) the only problem is the clear coat enamel. So here's the question: I can safely use a clear nail polish on acrylic base coat without ruining the base?

As the base coat is completely dry, you should have no problem with clear acrylic enamel. Are you that spraying or brushing the layer transparent? I suggest you spray very thin layers of 2 to 3.

The most common causes of watery eyes in cats

There are many causes of loss unusual eyes - almost all problems in cats there opthamological springs, and without a physical exam, it is impossible to be precise. Consider some of the most common causes eye watery in cats.

Appearance sudden discharge clear to temporary or can be caused by an accident (although this is unlikely if the discharge is both eyes), allergic reaction or an upper respiratory tract infection - as when the man tearing when suffering a cold. If your cat has a respiratory infection, is likely to also develop a runny nose. Cats in a watery discharge from the eye is the only symptoms can be treated with a drop of saline eyes twice a day (especially cats) to help clean the eyes and lacrimal. If your cat suffers a reaction to an environmental stimulus (for example, allergies) this treatment should provide a soft relief.

If your cat has become lethargic or there was a change in behavior or health, is likely the aqueous humor is an outward sign of illness, and the base should seek a thorough veterinarian as soon as possible. When there are no other symptoms, chronic watery eyes may be due to a number of causes - Such as conjunctivitis, ulcers, cataracts, glaucoma or Distichia. In most cases, these conditions would result in one eye is affected, and the eyes are too cloudy or red eye.

The most likely cause of watery eyes in cats is conjunctivitis. The eye becomes red due to the flow increased blood and mucosal inflammation is sometimes. The most common cause of conjunctivitis is herpes, a virus sometimes aggravated by infection secondary bacterial. There are several treatments for herpes - antivirals idoxuridine and vidarabine trifluorothymidine can be administered in the form of drops eyes. Rinse the eyes of cats with saline eye drops (especially cats) will also help.

An opacity in the lens of the eye is the most often attributed to either a waterfall or sclerosis of the eye. Sclerosis occurs only in cats in old age, so that any disturbance young cats usually cause cataracts. However, cataracts can be confirmed by a thorough veterinary, and your veterinarian will design a treatment plan that not only cures waterfall, but to address the underlying causes.

Cataract is an opacity in the normally transparent lens of the eye, and prevents light from reaching the retina behind the eye, may ultimately lead to blindness. inherited disorders are the most common cause of cataracts and may be present at birth or develop when the animal is very young. It can also be caused by injury or disease such as diabetes, in which case treatment of the underlying disease is essential - if your cat has diabetes, heart failure which will lead to further complications. Cataracts can be surgically removed by a veterinary ophthalmologist, who will replace the lens with a lens of plastic or acrylic prosthesis to enable a clearer direction. Although generally very successful cataract surgery requires a lot of post-operative care.

It is also possible that your cat is suffering from a defect inherited condition in which a malformation of the tear duct blocks the normal flow tears. This condition is actually called "watery eyes and is often accompanied fur around the eyes.

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