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What do I do when my cat dies?

My cat Sassy is very old.
She's the oldest cat I've ever owned.

She might be around the age 14-17.
So you can tell that she is special to me and my family.

We try to be extra good to her.
But I know one day, she will pass away.

I do not think I will handle it well.
I always get heartbroken when one of my cats die.
Or any animal for that matter.

What can I do?
Is there any tips that could help?
"Sadf " ?
What kind of answer is that? !

I know what you mean, I go through that decision everytime because I have lots of dogs and because of nature, they grow old and die, which is a very hard reality in life to accept. If I were you just prepare the burial site where you will bury her when she dies. Given she is very important and has been with you for a very long time surely she deserves a proper burial instead of throwing her away like garbage. This is what I did with my 2 dogs because someday when cloning because commercially available I want to have them cloned so we can be together again so I buried them to keep their DNA and bones.


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