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which carries the cat eye gems?

Many people do ... you can get in any color, are very versatile. I make jewelry. If you need something in the cat's eye, you can probably hit something.

Other gemstone color unknown in the world - 4

The world of gemstones is a journey without end, with interesting information and knowledge about them. The vast ocean of knowledge includes facts very interesting and popular traditions associated with them. Below is a portal this world, "he said.

• Heliotrope (Bloodstone)

A perfect color of blood, this member of the chalcedony family of minerals is named Heliodorus. This old stone Bloodshot believed to be from heaven. Throughout history, the Greeks believed to be a cure specific problems for urinary bleeding all types, clearing bloodshot eyes, acting as an antidote against snake bites, and relief.

A gem Mars was born, the Jasper reflects less opaque dark red spots are very capable of intrigue and attract the viewer. This type of jewelry is popular heliotrope with men like rings. The durable enough hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale, it is comfortable with intense dark green color but not opaque in nature.

• Cat's Eye (Chrysoberyl)

A pleochroic gem mineral chrysoberyl family, Cat's Eye is still a gem shimmering with magical powers possessed. It is also known as cymophane. Mythological records that this stone was an amulet of protection against evil spirits. The eye that appears in the gem is said to be out for his carrier.

The Cat's Eye measures 8.5 on the scale Mohs and shows good durability. This physical feature useful with good taste colors ranging from yellow honey or honey brown to yellow-green to emerald green almost done more for stones in the 19th century.

In fact, Duke of Connaught, has submitted a cat engagement ring in the eyes of his mistress the time, which later led its popularity. However, it is removed from the market and is suddenly back in fashion.

• Sodalite

The interior of precious stones of the house of Marlborough, England, is a velvety Sodalite Royal Purple in the Blue Gemstone used for ornamental purposes. It first met in 1806 in Greenland. Then, later, in 1891, large deposits are in Ontario, Canada.

The Congregation is a semi-transparent semi-transparent mineral glass is very fragile in nature. Unlike lazuli composed of white veins like appearance. In addition, no points positive, such as lapis lazuli, making it easily identifiable.

Sodalite boasts a hardness of 5.5 to 6 on the Mohs scale. This stone marbled presents itself as a low cost substitute for precious stones like sapphire, lapis lazuli, etc. are mainly cut cabochons or beads.

Along with these gems above discussion, a beautiful pendant tanzanite diamond team can not be missed. That rules the world with others required as sapphire, ruby or aquamarine

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