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Where can you get contact lenses, cat eyes?

I need eye contact lenses for a cat costume party I'm like a cat. nobody knows any part of Peterborough, who sell or chains of stores that sell them?

Hope this helps: THIN EDGE tangential design Design Back PERIPHERAL CURVE extreme comfort and UV protection (not all lenses have u buy it) Adaptation Produced with simple molding process PROPERTY SANDWICH CONTINUFLOW ™ Technology - Inside color (not all lenses have u buy this)

Meow Your Way makeup eyes of a cat more glamorous

To start a new look this season, then the black eyes are a stunning comeback and are a popular trend among young and older generations. The last train makeup is known as the cat eye makeup. With Based on the retro look 50s, this type of makeup that has attracted the interest of glamorous women out there. Basically, the main objective of this makeup technique is to show strong eyes while maintaining a contemporary spice to the classic style and at the same time balanced with pale lips naked in front of the retro lips red used years ago.

The history of this type of makeup technique is traced back to ancient Egyptian culture. So if you try to visualize the type of Egyptian culture you learned in history classes, you will notice that your civilization is very prone to Fine Arts. Even Egyptian women which showed a large glamorous show in their eyes beautifully decorated. The perfect of Egyptian women now know that today's generation that the appearance of wings 50. The sophisticated look of the 50s era is known to be strong and bold yet, but with the edge of a delicacy. For this reason, women who want to reflect their strong personality and at the same time their soft side mostly prefers eye makeup cat.

Have you noticed that cats are endowed with different eyes black to mention? Namely the main reason what type of makeup is called the cat's eye. Although there are some that best describe this kind of technique as makeup almond eyes long Cat's Eye image is clearly visible. The eyes of the Egyptians have been drawn with lines that look like the cat, where the black extends beyond the line of eyes and heads toward the ears. Because the call of femininity great eye makeup cat, is now the most sought Hollywood celebrities of today and even ordinary women who want to exude glamor and sophistication.

Now think rewarded with great looks by introducing the technique of cat's eyes? Returns the type of Hollywood and Regal is actually look easy steps that can be done, even without the help of a professional makeup artist. For the look of eye makeup cat, here are instructions you can follow simple. Within minutes, you can now enjoy a glamorous and appearance of a star. By the cat eye makeup, you must first ensure that the foundation is properly applied in the eyes and the shading and highlighting must define your cheekbones and define your jaw. Meanwhile define your eyes, use a light shadow on the eyelid with a pale shade of cream gray or brown. Blend your choice of color of your eyes gently to the top of your eyebrow, and this will form the basis of your shadow. Your next step in eye makeup from your cat is to work side by deeper in outline to define the socket and blend the shadow just along the crease.

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