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Why keep my cat licks his face so much?

My year old cat likes to climb on my chest Huey, sink their claws into my neck and lick face like a dog. Especially this morning when I show signs of awakening.

Because I love you! The best way to show your love for other cats is grooming each other .... so the toilet and you know that you are part of tribal kitty. My cat does exactly the same and we can say that just feels that it is really helping me. I just feel very loved and trying to push the best way possible ... lol.

The common conditions in cats

Keeping cats as pets is a wonderful experience. Unfortunately, cats can have many health problems. Fortunately, most of these health problems can be cured. frequent health problems faced cats are:

hairball: hair balls are commonly found in cats. Our feline friends toilet every day and swallow the lost hair. Sometimes these hairs are stuck in the digestive tract which leads to a deadlock. This leads to difficulties faeces of a cat. This can be avoided brushing cat hair and remove excess hair.

The infection of cats lower urinary tract: The FLUTD is a syndrome that causes the sand like stones in the urinary tract. This can cause discomfort and can lead to kidney failure. This disease can be painful and can be avoided by adding magnesium in your daily diet.

Worms: Cats are commonly infected by worms and coccidia, nematodes, filaria, lung worms, ringworm, tapeworms and pinworms. The need for urgent medical treatment. Failure to do so can lead to many serious health problems.

Feline Leukemia: Feline leukemia is a fatal disease common in cats. However, it can be prevented by a vaccine. Leukemia means cancer of white blood cells and hope declining life cat once, after suffering from leukemia.

Vomiting: A cat vomiting is very common. However, to avoid monitoring system food. Also, make sure your cat does not eat anything.

Renal Failure: A diet all dry foods can lead to kidney Chronic kidney.

Fleas: Fleas feed on the blood of cats and make them feel uncomfortable. It is important to regularly wash cat hair with a shampoo without bullets.

Conjunctivitis: Many cats facing a chronic inflammation of the mucous membranes of the eyes is known as conjunctivitis.

Cats are very sensitive to stress and are very sensitive to stress.

Cat cons flu: fever virus municipality can make cats very sick and miserable.

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