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what brand of cat food I feed my 8 week old Kitty?

Ok, so my cat is 7 weeks .. almost 8, and Im going to start to eat crunchy. (Solid food) lol I wondered what Kitty brand cat food / cat you have found your loved one the best and Health was the majority. Thanks:)

Let me share what I learned about feline nutrition to help you make an informed decision on this plan, you must feed your cat. Many brands of manufactured cat foods claiming to be "healthy" really are not. In fact, are made from ingredients low as possible. I'm not saying that the cat can not live their ... the same thing that I could live hot dogs and Mac and cheese forever, but a better selection can and should be for his friends cat. I would not say that any manufactured food is the best "for a cat but a grain free organic wet food would be a start. Feeding canned is certainly better than feeding dry in all cases. Cats have never been eating dry foods, also known as cereals or crackers. We humans, eating them for more convenience for us. It has nothing to do with them or their nutritional needs. It is an entirely inappropriate. All small domestic cats descended from desert cats. In the wild, desert cats derive their liquid intake from their prey whole. They have no thirst mechanism, it is not necessary eating a diet of the species concerned. They get everything they need from what they eat. In addition, the water is usually not available in their desert climate. Do not drink water often. ol regular cats House 'are descended from the same wild desert cats. Then, in a family, your cat is not the moisture it needs from dry food and almost always in a state dehydration constant. Water fountains are encouraged to try to get your cat to drink more and your cat may even enjoy it, but never fulfill their drinking water in a container. diseases deadly as feline diabetes, kidney failure, obesity, allergies, irritable bowel syndrome (IBD), bladder stones, kidney stones, obstructions urinary tract and urinary tract infections (FLUTD), with or without glass murderers are well train these days. Cats do not have enough water to prevent disposal him. Proper water intake through a species appropriate diet alone can prevent most of these conditions. In general, all wet is better for any cats diet, canned or in the first and should never be fed dry cereal kibble if we want to better the needs of their wild nutritional and dietary. Kibble meets our needs ... not our cats. It is also true that kibble cleans teeth. Dry foods are not own teeth. It's an old myth that has been scientifically disproved for years, but veterinarians from the old school who drilled into people's heads for so long (and unfortunately not always) that people still believe. Cats can not "chew." They do not flat "chewing" teeth. Their molars are not for grinding food. They have meat ripping pointy carnivorous teeth. You can see the crisis "," a piece of food once to crack and break ... but they are absolutely unable to chew a hard piece of food. Want your cat to have clean teeth? Give them a raw bone appropriate size for chewing. : O) I personally feed a diet of raw meat and bones of my cats and are very healthy in this regard. I recommend it. Once I have the fall it and felt comfortable with it is very easy to prepare. It's something that might consider one day. Cats are carnivores after all and must remove all nutrients from meat sources. They are unable to absorb any other source. Despite thousands of years of domestication that strict carnivores. consumers Meat is true and honest and that is what they need most. Protein flesh! If you are interested in a raw diet some places, ideal to start learning are, and http://www.felinefuture. com / nutrition. If you want to try raw with your cats and do not want to get all technical about this, but want to try a trusted, time tested and balanced raw diet you can request from / Catfood.aspx. I bought I started my cats and she loved it! Another bonus premade you can try is Natures Variety. Personally I have never used that many people know, but what to do and is fairly easy finding. If first is not an option for you Note there are three categories of pet foods manufactured familiar: - "supermarket" foods - (generic and name brand discount brands) Food sold in supermarkets and mass market retailers are made with lower quality, less-digestible, inexpensive ingredients and therefore a cheaper alternative. Although Easy pocket, a grocery store "foods normally do not provide your cat with the healthiest, most nutrient-rich ingredients. Premium foods - (Iams / Eukanuba Purina One, Hills Science Diet, Nutro and others) Foods often found in grocery stores, pet stores and veterinarian offices that contain ingredients high quality, but still include many elements of the grocery store "food, such as artificial colors, flavors, chemical preservatives, and" filler "ingredients such as corn and wheat products, by-products and even animal digest. Yuck! premium foods are generally more expensive than" supermarket " foods because their ingredients are sometimes of better quality, and therefore somewhat more beneficial and digestible. But do not be fooled, some of the same called premium brands are sometimes worse than grocery store foods, but they charge prices like they are better. They are not! Health food - (Wellness, Merrick, Eagle Pack, Drs Foster & Smith) The newest addition to the pet food market - provide pets with the best quality, healthier, more nutritious ingredients. Usually available for purchase online or directly from the manufacturer. Some retailers are beginning to cope better. Complete the door Petmart a mark unhealthy food. Healthy foods in the class that contain ingredients rich in nutrients. Formulated to provide optimum health benefits for pets, these foods often use real meat as the main source of protein, carbohydrate-rich whole grains like brown rice and barley and all the fruit fresh vegetables. They should not contain artificial preservatives, flavors or colors. They will almost always be fortified with vitamins and minerals, and use the best natural sources of fatty acids for help build healthy skin and coat beautiful. Because healthy foods use high quality ingredients, Expect to pay a little more than for other types of food Pet. Remember, though, with healthy foods that can feed less since healthy foods are richer in nutrients than other foods, which often equals the price or supply of foods filled with cheap non-food products through the completion. With all this information into account when choosing a new cat food study ingredients. All ingredients on the labels of pet foods are listed by weight. Meaning whatever ingredients appear first on the list, is gone. The first ingredient should contain meat ingredients together, protein sources like chicken or turkey. Not only the word "meat"! Who the hell knows what it is? The word chicken food is acceptable but should be a child, not the first. The food is the meat dehydrated and ground into powder. Ingredients should not include animal by-products or digest it. Those are disgusting left over animal parts that are scraped off the dirt floor of the poultry meat and plants. Simply go to waste, but to put in place to feed. EW! Also, make sure that no artificial colors or flavors. And surely there is no BHA and BHT used preservatives. These preservatives have been shown to cause cancer in dogs and cats. Bad Bad things and is in almost every cat treat on the market. : (So, in summer ingredients ... if you see the words by-products, Animal Digest, the word "meat" alone, corn, corn gluten reading, Wheat Gluten, or BHA or BHT ... stopped, raised by the product and proceed to the next. Note that when an environment is healthy, fresh and organic foods, you'll pay for what you get. Good food not cheap. They are expensive and cost more expensive than cheaper products, just like steak costs more than hotdogs. But again, you will be better food supply and improving health through your pet. This tour takes in visits to the vet for an illness not now and especially later in life to your years Geriatrics. Also use less of these foods on a per animal, because a small amount of food contains what your cat needs. Overall healthy foods are moist worthwhile, if only for peace of mind that the ingredients are better for your cat shit cheap. You can start your search for a healthy cat food here if you are not ready to try a raw diet: If you want to buy in a store, Complete Petmart is a good store and carries quite a few mixtures natural, organic, and holistic. Also check with your local creek attic. / I highly recommend you take the time to investigate for himself, but the information If you said goodbye to a good start. Good luck choosing a healthy diet! Remember ******** IMPORTANT ******* Do not place pet food slowly for a period of 10 to 14 days, if possible. Mixture of 25% to 75% of the new age. Then 50/50 ... then 75% to 25% of the new age. And finally increased 100% new. Take the time to not harm your digestive system.

Common Cat Mishaps and how to deal with them without going crazy

Inevitably, in the life of every pet owner, there are problems unexpected behavior here and there that need to process. It pays to be understanding and patient with your cat, because often the problem is completely committed and concerned only to understand the behavior of the animal. Here are some of the most common problems owners say they have with their cats, and suggestions on how to treat them.

Dirty outside the sandbox.
This is something that many cats when the litter is not clean. Like us, they want their needs in a clean environment. If you have a multiple cat like me, you buy more than one litter box, litter Cats use clumping and blood often to keep it clean as possible. I have a box of cat robot that automatically cleans up after a few minutes the cat leaves. He did an excellent job, but must be kept clean and say it will malfunction. Ultimately, keep the litter clean.

Whenever the cat is spotted outside the box, make sure the area is cleaned thoroughly with a suitable cleaner. You can buy cat sprayed the animal house, works very well. If you do not have any, spray clean the surface thoroughly with a strong fragrance, generally cats hate the smell and avoid the area completely to avoid the smell.

Vomit on the carpet.
If think your cat is sick, ask your doctor if symptoms are worth bringing Kitty review. Cats throw up, it happens. They get themselves hairball cleaning, or eating too fast and at a saving throw later. If I see blood in the vomit is when I called Veterinary and to chat, especially if they eat. Do not delay if this occurs. But for every day until vomiting or binge eating hairball, the more I can avoid you can through your diet. I can buy dry food which is of "critical systems" or "management hairball. "Ask a vet other advice is a complete diet for kittens who do not feel the need to throw much. There must Other ways to avoid it, but seeing the diet of my cats has reduced their need to do considerably.

You bring a new cat and new cat does not like.
Cats are territorial and need an adjustment for everyone when the pet is added in cats naturally react with whistles, grunts and repel each other, when in reality may be crazy. I introduced a new cat in my house a year ago and instantly got along with one of my cats, but hate each other. But they have learned to tolerate each other, and I bet that when I am there to research can actually be friends in the background. How are they acclimated the other, I first used a spray called Feliway pheramone cat in the room, half natural painkiller for some cats. My cat calmed down a little more hyper. In addition, a spray bottle filled with water works great if swat or spoil with eachother. A jet of water of good quality, and dispersal cats. Basically, you are back in training to live with each other. By rewarding good behavior and quickly, calmly reply to an undesirable behavior, learn to coexist and smooth. After more than 30 years of cat ownership, I know that all cats get along with time. I grew up with cats and always heard whistles and chaos in the introduction of new ones. If it is really ugly, put one in the bathroom, and leave them to feel under the door. Gradually bring the two together more and more cats until they are more tolerant of each other. Even now, in my house there is a whistle here or there, or a violent blow, but nothing catastrophic. Make sure pet cats when you bring a new cat, so they are "approved" one of them. Be patient and do not lose your cool, such as anger are much worse, not better. Do not shake the fear of the image, remain calm and let them spend their meowfest until they calm down. They trust me.

Boat likes to sharpen his claws on the couch and other things he should not.
Buy a scratching post and a cat scratcher cardboard (you find in pet stores). Put the dried catnip on the scratching post to attract the cats to climb and goes everywhere in the shortly. The cardboard cat scratcher is already enshrined in the catnip, and absolutely no cat will refuse this thing when they smell. Put your fingers on the job, they are looking into it, and pretend that nothing. I know, sounds silly, but it works. Cats imitate their mothers when they are hunting, so they can imitate the father of man, to "zero" in the post. Praise profusely when they do what they do and start from scratch. If you can afford it, get a cat condo or cat tree. Some major online auction, brand new. I bought enormous for half the cost of chain stores for pets, online. It was easy to put together, and my cats live there. If you have one, again placed on the catnip to show how it is interesting. My cats live in yours. They are kept off the table, and gives them some thing to observe birds from (I put mine next to a large window).

Your cat likes to jump over things should not, on shelves or on television.
If space is small, you receive a roll of semi-sticky tape Thick (but not too sticky) or double-sided adhesive tape. Place strips of it into the top of the articles I have to jump. When he jumps on it, believe me, I do not do it again. My beloved cat jump over the stereo speakers, but when I did, he always stopped doing after a meeting with tape. The idea is to make the environment unpleasant for the pot, and that should do the trick quickly. For large areas such as seat the Presidency, you can buy a block in the Purr pet store, which gives a slight shock when Kitty jumped on the region. There are different sizes and not hurt the kitten, only shows that the site is not jumped for him. Or, tape balloons to the surface of a place that the cat wants frequent. A fingernail touching the ball and he did not return.

Here are some tips from my family and I have used for years to train our cats. Some cats are more playful than others, but that's part of its charm. Cats are a joy to watch, to see a cat play, it's fun to see how energy and unbridled enthusiasm. Just show what behavior you expect of them, because they will not know until the guides your way. Do it with love and patience. And you will be rewarded with unconditional love of life.

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